Instagram is a great tool that can be used both for fun and for growing and running a business, and with one billion monthly active users, you would think that connecting with those users and growing your Instagram following would be fairly easy. Although there’s no shortage of Instagram users, many people find that growing their Instagram following with real followers is harder and takes more work than they originally imagined. With brands reporting that they see ten times more engagement on Instagram than on Facebook, though, it’s well worth the effort.  

Whether you’re building your following to become an influencer or are growing your following to help establish and grow your business, below are some tools and tricks you can use to help you grow your Instagram with real followers more quickly.

1.  Incorporate Videos and Stories

Instagram is an (almost) completely visual platform. While it was originally designed for photos, the content you can post there isn’t limited to still images. You can post gifs and videos and even stream live videos or upload stories, and if you want to grow your followers, those are features you need to be taking advantage of. Videos can evoke a stronger response than still images in some cases, and they usually promote interaction and engagement. By posting videos and sharing stories regularly, you’ll catch the attention of both your followers and those who aren’t following you yet, (especially if you post about trending topics), and will be able to gain more followers organically.

2.  Use Social Steeze

One of the quickest and best ways to gain followers is by purchasing them, but not all companies offer you real growth with real followers. That’s what sets Social Steeze apart. They help you grow your account with real followers and real engagement in a fraction of the time it would take to grow your account to that many followers organically. While you might want to continue your efforts to get organic followers, Social Steeze is a great tool to use to help you get other real followers as well and grow your account how you want to.

3.  Share Others’ Content

Everybody wants validation, so if you come across a post you think is cool, why not share it and give credit to the original poster? Not only will you have a great post for your own feed that you didn’t have to spend time coming up with on your own but sharing others’ content often inspires them and their followers to follow you too. When they feel valid and noticed, they’ll want to reciprocate.

4.  Post at the Right Times

Have you noticed that you get more likes during certain times of day than others? Believe it or not, there are “right” times and even best days to post on Instagram. When you post during the right times, (between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM Tuesday through Friday), and avoid posting on bad days, (Sundays and Mondays), you can boost your engagement and grow your followers.

5.  Use Likesocial

Likesocial is another tool that you want to be using if you’re working on growing your Instagram followers legitimately. Likesocial is similar to Social Steeze, but instead of real followers, it enables you to purchase real Instagram likes and get real, legitimate engagement. As your engagement goes up, you may get exposure to more people who aren’t already following you and be able to draw in their interest and get their follows as well. And it does it automatically, so you don’t have to worry about a thing besides getting your posts ready and published.

6.  Join Big Conversations

There’s no shortage of conversation that goes on on social media. Whether it be discussion around a political issue or responses to a funny viral video, getting in on the big conversations, voicing your opinion, and making your presence known is a great way to help you grow your following on Instagram. As people see what you have to say and relate to it or are interested in your opinions or thoughts on other subjects, they’ll likely follow your account to keep up with the other opinions and expressions that you have to share.

7.  Follow Others

The golden rule applies to so many situations in life, including growing your followers on Instagram. If you want to grow your following, one of the best ways that you can do that is by following others too. Choosing to follow people in your niche, influencers, other businesses, or people who you think would be interested in your account can help inspire them to give you a follow back, better building up your following.

8.  Include Calls to Action

Calls to action are a lot more powerful than people might think. By including calls to action at the end of your posts and in your stories, you can start to grow your followers on Instagram, and it might surprise you at just how effective it might be. Whether you want people to comment, like, share, or all three, telling them that’s what you want them to do at the end of your post will inspire a lot of people to do just that, giving you more exposure and helping you gain even more followers.

9.  Use Kicksta

One of the hard parts about getting real followers is finding those who are interested in your niche. Not everyone makes it obvious and easy to find that they’re interested in the category you typically post in. But that’s where Kicksta comes in. Kicksta is another tool that helps you get real followers by finding people who are interested and follow others in your niche—you just tell them your intended audience, and they do the hard work for you.

10.  Run Contests

Everybody loves a good contest, and by running contests on your page, you can get people excited and inspire them to share. When contestants share posts, comment and tag friends, or whatever else the contest requires they do, they are helping you get more exposure to your page which will likely result in more followers who are interested in seeing what other contests you may post or just keeping up with the content that you like to share.

In Conclusion

Growing your Instagram following is sometimes harder than it feels it should be, but with the right tools and the right tricks, you can make it easier and grow your following with real people in a shorter amount of time than you might think. With tools like Social Steeze and Likesocial and tricks like following others and sharing their content, you’ll be able to get your following where you want it to be in no time.

What other strategies are you using to legitimately grow your following?