While there are very few associated side effects connected to consuming Lipozene, this does not mean a consumer will not face any potential risks. Any time you engage in using an outside source to help you lose weight, there are some risks although these may not always be health related.

  1. Temporary Weight Loss

Even though there is research to support the potential benefits of Glucomannan in the weight loss process, there is no evidence to support the potential for long-term weight loss. In many cases, the benefits of using fiber products such as Lipozene is short-term (six months or less). In spite of the fact the manufacturer says there is no need to make lifestyle changes while using Lipozene for weight loss, the most successful results occur when you reduce the number of calories you consume and increase your consumption of fiber. 

  1. Cost May Be Prohibitive

Researching the reviews of Lipozene will provide varied information on the cost depending on the size in which you are interested. In many cases the cost is quite different with a starter kit ranging in price between $40 and $50. One listing may show 60 capsules available for $21.80 with 120 priced at $34.95 somewhere else. On the other hand, you may find even the generic version costs between $15 and $65 contingent upon the location of the seller, the actual seller, and reviews of the product.

  1. Capsule Form is the Safest

Although there are not usually any side effects from Lipozene since it is predominantly dietary fiber, you must make certain you take it with plenty of fresh water. Because it is extremely absorbent and forms a gel very quickly, failing to use the product correctly could form an esophageal blockage. The reason this might occur is because the product could expand prior to reaching your stomach. A blockage could also occur in the intestines. Another precaution: do not inhale the powder from the capsule. Doing this will create a life-threatening occurrence.

  1. Could Be Unsafe if Given to Children

You should never give Lipozene to children without the supervision of a medical professional. Even the tablet form of the supplement poses risks for a child because of their smaller size and stage of development. Even if a child uses the product safely, it’s possible constipation, diarrhea, or abdominal pain could occur; these side effects could lead to other medical issues.

  1. Not an Answer to Overeating

While Lipozene might help those who tend to eat too much because they enjoy eating, it will not provide an answer for those who indulge in comfort food, eat as a means for coping, or eat because of boredom. It is essential to address the triggers that cause overeating in order to resolve concerns about your weight.


While there may be other risks associated with Lipozene, these are some of the more important ones that a consumer needs to consider before using this product. Lipozene side effects may be minimal, but risks are more defined as you can see here.