Kate & Will
Kate & Will

In England, women have the same rights as men, that is, unless they are royalty. The old school rules of the state of the British monarchy that gender is not the age, dictating lineage on the throne. So if Kate Middleton and William had a girl who had become queen only if it has a younger brother.

But the real age of gender inequality is on the precipice of change, and not a moment too soon. Prime Minister David Cameron has proposed a ban on widespread discrimination against the monarch, outdated laws.

Under its new proposal, eldest daughter Kate Middleton and William have the same rights as his firstborn son. And on a larger scale, the rules no longer favor the kings queens.

“We advocate gender equality in all aspects of life, and is an anomaly in the rules relating to the highest public official who follows the consecration of male superiority,” Cameron wrote in his letter to the leaders of the Commonwealth of the monarchy.

Cameron also wants to throw dust rule prohibiting other royals who marry Catholics from succeeding to the throne. This law was created during the tumultuous period of turmoil between church and state in late 1600 and Cmeron not think there is any justification for it in today’s times.

Palace officials were not involved in the formal proposal, nor are willing and Kate Middleton. But the fact that the proposal has been raised now, only a few months in exchange for marriage game is probably not coincidental.

Kate Middleton and William, and marked the beginning of a new chapter for the royal family: they lived together long before they married, they are really good friends, and nobody remembered to “obey” anyone in their marriage vows. Although William has real blood, Kate Middleton has the proverbial shell with the public. This is not your “Sleeping Beauty” fairy tale seems obvious that their union would be the perfect time to bring about some change in the sexism of the old world of the monarchy.

However, Cameron’s proposal is not a fact. For changes to take place, require the approval of the 16 Commonwealth countries under the rule of Queen Elizabeth. You will also have to deal with real-looking kind of purists who are still reeling from Kate Middleton and the wedding “unorthodox” William. Yes, they are out there.

Surface also has been speculation regarding the timing of the proposed Cameron: why now? Could there be a future queen already on board? Consider the real possibility of bump-watch officially on alert.


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