As we can see from everything that surrounds us, we live in the world where things change rapidly, almost instantly. The moment you purchase the latest mobile device, some manufacturer published a better version with new tricks in sleeves.

The same thing goes for web design, which is the headline of representation for most businesses. A website is a place where you gather visitors and make them your customers, which is why it is important to find new ways to make your website visually appealing.

You can do it by checking, to see if there’s something that interests you. On the other hand, following latest trends and viral news is a great way of finding how to implement new visual styles into your old website.

We decided to present you most useful web design trends that you can use in 2018:

  • New Pallet Of Colors

When we analyze colors of websites in the last few years, we can see easily that use of bold colors increased especially across the digital world. The idea is to create a visual perspective that will resemble reality we live in and other things we face in our surroundings.

There are many interesting ways of using colors, which is a great way to improve the experience of visitors. The future will bring the various personalization and customization possibilities so that designers can incorporate colors without scheme as before, but as a psychedelic impression.

  • Animation Is Everywhere

From responsive interfaces, we entered the point where almost everyone has stable internet so that you can add some tricks on your pages. The animation is a huge addition that will create unique, user-friendly and simple to understand interfaces. If you want to learn more about it, we recommend you to click here.

We live in the world where everyone is in a hurry. So, due to a short time, you will be able to present the complex idea in a timely manner that will be both informing and engaging at the same time.

Finally, you will be able to add narrative to your website. Storytelling is a useful medium that can easily capture users’ attention. Therefore, the animation is a great way to combine these two and to send an appealing message to your visitors.

We can easily say that in the future we’ll see more and more websites with responsive animations as design characteristic.

Apart from website interfaces, there are other areas affected by animation such as logos. We can see all around our wide array of animated logos, which became a trend a few years back. This is a great way to show your professionalism and wish to go in step with technology and trends.

We have to mention that animated GIFs are still part of the modern web design, where you can create responsive and beautiful tables that will create an engaging and interesting environment for visitors and potential customers.

  • The Return Of Inventive Typography

The latest ideas when it comes to web design and marketing in overall is the idea that you have to catch the attention in a tiny particle of a second. There isn’t too much time to lose, which is why you should use all tools that you can to bring yourself in front.

Typography came in handy because it is quite a powerful way we can create new approaches. Typography became part of the market, and today we have, once again, the popularity of Helvetica like that are neo-grotesque with the idea to stand out when compared with others.

Typography is old technique and art, so understanding it will help you make a better background for web design. Check out this website:, and you will check everything thoroughly.  

It is noticeable to mention that series will become popular once again, which means that more and more websites will start using sans-serif and serif fonts. That way, the user will have experience that is more dynamic.

On the other hand, device resolutions tend to change and to become sharper, which increases possibilities for making custom fonts. Therefore, designers will be able to add more personality to fonts to create the appealing aesthetic effect.

Another thing that became popular in the last few months is typography cutouts. It uses a block of color on moving image so that that visitor can see the clear lettering. Finally, you will be able to limit the number of letters.

You can add bright text to draw attention of user, which is the main reason why this particular web design trend became popular once more.

  • Data Visualization

The latest trend has shown us that people don’t enjoy too much reading numbers and data as before. It is boring, time-consuming and creates confusion for potential customers. That is why most designers use data visualization from a 3D perspective so that they can be usable and easily digested.

You will be able to implement storytelling techniques that we’ve mentioned above within the 3D perspective to present boring numbers and data through completely different color. When visitors have complex information in front of them, they tend to run away and never to return. That means you’ve lost them.

The best solution is to be creative and to find other ways to present numbers and boring data through combinations of animation, colors, and typography for example. Visitors will get better accessibility than before, which is the main reason why they will stay on the website to continue browsing.

Due to VR and AR technology advancements, some people will be able to enter into a simulated exploration of your website. It sounds like science fiction, but it is part of the world, you have to create your website by implementing a way for people with AR and VR gadgets to enjoy. You will get more customers in a matter of days.

At the same time, the future of VR and AR will provide us with more features as it goes forward. We will be able to mix our screen based on the real world, which is a great way to improve the digital experience, especially online. Imagine walking and having a completely personalized experience while browsing.

With these gadgets, we will never use mouse and hands again for browsing but will enjoy all the way.

Many tools will help you understand and implement data visualization techniques. Of course, it could be difficult for people who don’t have prior developer’s knowledge, but the interfaces are simple, so you can easily learn how to do it.

However, we recommend you to use this innovation with caution because if you overdo it, that can create a wrong experience.