The batteries are one of the most vital component of a personal vaporizer. Different brands, such as jupiter vape pen and types of vapes use different kinds of batteries, and they are typically not interchangeable. Especially if you’ve just gotten a new vaporizer for weed, consider these three things before choosing a battery for your device.  

  1. Type

There is an incredible variety of vape batteries available, mostly depending on which device you use. When choosing a personal vaporizer, it can be helpful to look through the options of vaporizer batteries for sale to make sure you pick a vape that is the best size for you. Some of the most common vapes with different battery types include:

  • CCell M3 Slim
  • Mods
  • Firefly
  • PCKT one oil

Batteries differ in voltage, chemistry, design and other ways, so using a type of battery besides what is recommended for your device is highly discouraged.  

  1. Size

It is also crucial to only use the size battery recommended for your device. While there may be instances where a similar batter type could work with your vape, factors like increased voltage or a different chemistry can overload the system and cause device failure. Battery sizes were not designed to be interchangeable, and it is important to stay safe when vaping.

  1. Brand

Using a recognized brand of battery helps ensure it will operate safely. Although other brands might be less expensive, they tend to be lower quality and present an increased risk of damaging your device or causing physical harm to you and others.

Many people choose a personal vaporizer without knowing the type of battery it uses. This can result in frustration if the battery type made for the vape doesn’t last as long or isn’t as efficient as expected. Consider which type of battery and vape pen cartridge refill  each personal vaporizer requires before purchasing a vape pen so you can get the best products for your needs today.