Angers is known for its history and charm. It is located in Western France and is the Capital of Anjou. This amazing city is filled with several activities and sights for you and your family when it comes to holidaying in France. You can take a tour of the Châteauxand discover the lush beauty of the botanical garden located here. You and your family can also go on several wine tours and embrace the beauty of this wonderful place with joy.

Top things to do in Angers

When you are in Angers, you should go to the Castle that was originally the fort of Plantagenet King Henry II. This fort overlooks the Maine River, and it was transformed about 800 years back by King Louis I into an outstanding castle. The grandeur of this Castle can also be felt highly today. When you step inside this castle, catch a glimpse of the Apocalypse Tapestry on its walls. The whole Tapestry is 100 yards long. The Tapestry depicts the Book of Revelation’s End of the World. It is a unique form of propaganda art that was commissioned by the King. If you closely examine the Tapestry, you will find King Henry depicted as a 7 Headed Monster!

Taste the wine at Château des Vaults

The Domaine du Closel-Château des Vaults is just a half-a-minute ride by bus and is 15 miles away from the Angers. It is located in Savennières. This winery has been making wine since 1400. When you come here, you can roam about in the vineyards with your friends and family. You can even taste the organic in here. Experts in the field of travel say your trip is incomplete to the Loire Valley if you have not gone without touring this vineyard.

Enjoy sports?

If you love sports, do not miss the live horses in action at FRAngers. You will experience the joys and the thrills of horse racing in real life. If you have kids with you, a trip to Terra Botanica is a must. Here you will find an extensive botanical garden cum amusement park. You will be delighted to find plants from across the world in different habitats. You will find plants in woodland and trees that lived in the pre-historical times. You will also find a Louisiana bayou here. Take your family on a guided boat ride to explore Terra Botanica.

Last but not least, go for a guided tour of one of the most renowned distilleries in the world Carré Cointreau. You will be treated to a tasting of this famous liqueur at its elegant bar on the premises. The barman here will give you all the information about famous liqueur popular across the world. You can taste the triple sec that has a citrus touch to it. This tour is a must for people who are fond of wine and wish to know it’s behind the scenes story!

Therefore, when you visit Angers, make sure you visit the top sightseeing spots and have an amazing vacation with your friends and family!