Choreographer has knack of rhythmic body movements which is inborn and learnt both. Among the functions during Indian wedding where dance is to be performed is engagement, ladies sangeet and mehndi ceremony. Choreographers are contacted by the wedding house and are on contact to help all age group in sequential dance.

The to be married couple dance to the applause of relatives and friends. They receive a lot of cheer. The couple to be pick up a song they enjoy listening and choreographer shape their thoughts through dance. Costumes as well as props make the dance sequence a reality. Professional dance group with dance backdrops. Invitees dance between performances.  Initiating story based on the life or feelings of the bride and groom. Assorted collection of dances enacted by family members is based on choice and expert advice of the choreographer. There are solo dances, all female dance and all male dances also. Boys and girls mixed dances. Collective couples’ dances. Even parents and grandparents prepare for the dance. Mingled relative dances are also in demand. The anchors explain concisely what message is given through the dance.

Choreographers teach different dance forms to their client. Dance is based jazz, traditional form and fusion, contemporary form, Bollywood numbers, Zumba, free style and folk to name a few styles.  These steps are easy to imitate and follow in few training sessions. All numbers prepared are theme based.

Several days before the functions the aspiring dancers take private lessons from selected choreographer. Choreographer is usually having a lot of patience and they assess the body flexibility and moves of the client and teaches types accordingly. Through one-on-one method the dance steps are personalized. The dance format carries some message or emotion. The aim is to achieve steps at the sound of the music enjoying the rhythm with ease.  The training is time consuming because non dancers learn to dance. The right techniques of movement, facial expressions are bestowed on the client through guidance. The clients are also infused with self-confidence overcome shyness which inhibits them at the inception of training.

Banquet halls in Delhi are known for their hospitality, cuisine, aesthetic appeal affordability and vendors like choreographers. appeal and vendors. You get value for your money. The banquet halls in the capital city total up to 1000. They are spread all over the city at convenient locations. Go online and filter through price per plate, locality, budget, contact details, menu, reviews, pictures, capacity etc and schedule a visit or get instant confirmation.  5-star hotels also have banquet halls and are in great demand. Most of them have indoor and outdoor venues.

The choreographer should be selected after going through the reviews. He should have the ability to teach you the best moves. A professional choreographer is well-versed in making a non-dancer a able dancer through his sessions. His communication with the client should add zest among trainers. At no point should the client be discouraged through negative remarks. Choreographer should be able to provide background dancers anchor etc. through his contacts. He should be able to make you look amazing and harmonizing with the beat. Steps taught should be simple which are grasped with ease and you look confident on stage. Go online and select choreographer which have the cited characteristics; break into a jig on your important date.