Have you walked into a car park and after leaving your car, you come later to find that some other motorists bumped into it, it can be such a traumatizing experience. Millions of motorists the world over have gone through such experiences, something that can be controlled by the use of bollards. In the security and traffic management world, safety bollards are the workhorses. From protecting sensitive installations, properties to directing traffic, these are used for a variety of roles.

Following are some of the roles of bollards

Used in traffic Calming

With bollards, you’ll be able to prevent spillover parking and delineate car-free zones near buildings and other areas. They are also placed strategically in some places to reduce traffic speed by narrowing lanes. Studies have also shown that safety bollards placed strategically to reduce the frequency of accidents on the roads.  This is perfectly achieved by using metro bollards that are able to bend upon impact. Again, where there are work sites along the roads, portable bollards have replaced the traffic cones.

They illuminate darkened areas

Many crimes happen in dark and unlit areas. To enhance visibility and discourage such behavior, modern bollards are made with lighting devices. Some are made with small solar panels, an inbuilt battery and therefore they are self-contained. Others are connected to an electric network through a power utility. These reflective bollards are perfect in marking sensitive areas.

Deflecting vehicle tires

In many parts of the world, bell-shaped bollards are used to safeguard pedestrians from stray vehicles and property. This is common in the United Kingdom and Europe. Thus, when you have a property, which is near the road, you can fix them also that in case a vehicle loses track, they will be deflected and therefore no ram into your house or property.

During periodic traffic control

There are certain periods when some facilities require a concentrated management of traffic. These are like places of worship during the worship days, schools, factories that have shift workers and such. Here, safety portable bollards come handy. They could be temporarily mounted into affixed metal sockets at the road level. Safety bollards can also be fitted with hydraulic or electric mechanisms so that they can be lowered or raised as per the need. Smart bollards are also used in other places these days due to the advancement in Artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Enhance driver safety when racing

Sporting officials usually use the bollards to mark sharp corners that might lead to accidents. They also use such to demarcate the different segment of the raceway and thus enhancing the safety of the competitors. Should a vehicle strike them, they are designed in a way that they can easily break from their base easily.

Controlling access

Most of the bollards are used in controlling traffic. Police officers will always use temporary bollards to keep the public away from a crime scene. Thus, they can carry out investigations without interference. The permanent ones are designed to deflect oncoming motorists moving at high speed.

Bollards are perfect in ensuring order in parking especially in busy parking areas. It is also used to safeguard the public from accidents caused by reckless drivers. When looking for Bollards, you must ensure that you buy them from a reliable supplier like Steelmark who will give you quality at an affordable fee.