Military flashlights have been extremely popular lately and more people start talking about different brands and models that are pretty amazing. Some of them really are, others are just cheap Chinese replicas with a killer design. Today we are going to review some of the most popular military brands and hopefully at the end of this post we are going to conclude which one is the best tactical military flashlight currently available on the market.

What exactly is a military flashlight?

Before choosing the best military flashlight we must first know what a military led flashlight really is. In most cases a true military grade flashlight is much more than a flashlight painted in the colors of the United States army.


If a flashlight has multiple uses like for example SOS, strobe light or sharp edges it can be classified as military. This is mostly because when Marine Corps are in the combat field they need those extra tools for different scenarios.

One of the most important feature Marines need while in combat is the option to focus a subject on a large distance without affecting the surrounding area. This way they can first blind the subject so he can’t shoot at the Marines and second while he is blinded they can shoot at him much easily.


Durability and resistance is extremely important for the army because the chances for dropping the flashlight while in combat are very high. Most military brands make their flashlights out of air crafted aluminum. Flashlights like the Lumitact G700 or the X800 that are made from this material have shown extreme durability and crash-resistance.

Competition in the flashlight market

The competition in the flashlight market especially now in 2016 has got more competitive than all previous years combine. The interest in flashlight in 2016 has increased rapidly because of the military grade flashlight that now are finally available on the market for regular citizen. Military grade flashlight operate on a different principal than regular flashlights. Regular flashlight operate with 100 to 200 lumen power, but on the other hand military grade flashlight use up to 2000 lumen power. The unique military grade flashlight the G700 is currently the most sold flashlight on the market that has sold over 1 million flashlights for a very short period of time of just 6 months from its release.

Military grade flashlight technology

I am sure that you are now wondering what it takes for a flashlight to be a military grade weapon. In order a flashlight to earn the military grade label it has to fill out the military grade specifications. Those speciation require from a flashlight to have more than 500 lumen power, to operate on LED chips instead of LED diodes and to have more than 2 featured modes.

 There aren’t many flashlights that fill out these specifications, but the one flashlights that fill in those specifications is the Lumitact’s G700 military grade.

The G700 is the first military grade flashlight that was available for private citizens after the company that manufactures the flashlights dropped the contract with the US army and instead of giving the flashlight to the army they decided to realese it on the market.


What is the #1 Military Flashlight for 2016?