Death is not easy for most people to accept, but it has always been a fact of life. For some cultures, how you go is as important as how you live. There are many traditions, beliefs, and rituals about death, probably even more than birth.

However, in these modern times, tradition has given way to practicality. The hustle and bustle of living accelerated the mourning period and forced relatives and loved ones to just move on. Despite this, methods of remembrance and commemoration, like headstones, are popular in Taylorsville and other cities, as loved ones want to make sure they give proper tribute to their departed relative.

For those who simply want the more practical send-off for both convenience and economy, cremation has been a clear choice.

The Rise of Cremation

More and more people are warming up to cremation, even the Roman Catholic Church itself has changed its stand. It was outlawed before, but since 1963, the Church has softened its stance to a “preference” for burials. There are now some bishops that agree to administer last rites when the departed is on a burial urn.

With cremation now a viable option, more people, Catholic or otherwise, began to examine the practicality of cremation as compared to burials. There are many reasons why cremation has caught on.

Reasons for Cremation

One reason is that families are no longer together in one home. Even nuclear families have split up, with children eventually moving away from their hometowns. Thus, the idea of having and maintaining butial plots which are no longer accessible was no longer practical.

The most compelling reason for the proliferation of cremation is that is simply more economical.

For many who do not adhere to strict cultural or religious traditions, the most important statistic is the cost. The average cost of a full-service funeral nowadays is estimated at a whopping $6,500, including the standard casket that could reach $2,000 or more. If you want to add a burial vault, the cost balloons to $7,700.

Cremation with services would range from $1,000 to $2,200, but for some areas, if you get the services of a crematory, they can reach $3,000. By choosing cremation, the assumption is that you forego the viewing and the need for expensive caskets. However, if it’s only for viewing purposes, there are caskets for rent, which is cheaper than buying one.

Cremation is More Meaningful

A cremation can be more meaningful than burial because of its flexibility. There is no fixed burial lot, so if there was any farewell ceremony, they could be held anywhere the family chooses.

For those who choose direct cremation, they can bypass the embalming process, renting a casket and a viewing venue. The remains will be cremated right away. The outcome will be 4 to 6 pounds of carbon ash to be placed in an urn. The urn cost could range from $100 to $1,000, depending on preference.

You can choose to bring the urn home with you or choose to scatter them to a place that is meaningful for the departed or your family. Many military men have their remains scattered in the sea if they have served or fought there.

Cremation is a practical choice and it narrows down the rituals and ceremonies to those that are meaningful for the family and friends of the departed. Millions of families are now choosing cremation for these reasons.