Free from harm blood supplies are a scarce commodity – particularly in developing countries. World Blood Donor Day is an event to raise awareness of the condition and thank contributor worldwide. It can be held annually on June 14. Various events are held around the world on 14 to mark World Blood Donor Day. it encourages people to give blood and save lives without asking for anything at all in turn. World Blood donor day serves to raise recognition of the need for safe blood.

Transfusion of blood and blood products helps save millions of lives annually. It can help patients suffering from life-threatening conditions live much longer and with higher quality of life, and facilitates complex as well as surgical procedures. Sixty two countries have blood transfusion services based totally on voluntary blood donation, up from 39 in 2002. In accordance with the 2009 Melbourne Declaration, which calls on countries to attain 100 percent voluntary unpaid blood monetary gift by the year 2020, World Blood Donor Working day aims to increase bloodstream donation by:

Creating larger knowing of the essential role of blood transfusion in saving lives and increasing the fitness of millions of folks each year. Motivating more individuals to become regular non-reflex unpaid blood donors to ensure sufficient stocks of blood to meet countrywide requirements, even in crisis situations.

Recognizing regular non-reflex unpaid donors as general public health role models; for the reason that they lead healthy lifestyles and are regularly screened that they are able to donate blood regularly. WHO HAVE and partners are motivating communities in each and every country to join the World Bloodstream Donor Day campaign and “Paint the world red, ” whether by figuratively, metaphorically coloring, covering or light monuments, popular landmarks and buildings in red; workplace set ups artistic, cultural or musical technology events with a red-colored theme; or forming a “human blood drop” in prominent public places.