World Oceans Day is a worldwide day of marine celebration and collaboration for an improved future. We serves as the central coordinating platform for Universe Oceans Day, with free resources and delete term everyone,  no subject where you reside – to help expand the reach and impact of World Oceans Day on June 8 and 12 months round.

This coming year, individuals and organizations across our unknown planet are celebrating with the theme “Healthy Seas, Healthy Planet” and are promoting prevention of plastic material ocean pollution with situations in their communities, with special announcements and everything in between. The water colossal, mysterious and indomitable is the origin and the engine of all life on this planet. And it needs our help.

The oceans face a growing tide of threats to their health, from weather change to pollution to over fishing. These threats imperil the ocean’s ability to sustain our lives threats that individuals alone have the power to stop.

With your enthusiasm, Community World Oceans Day has expanded tremendously annually since The Ocean Project started matching it in 2002. With hundreds of partners engaged, and especially since the United Nations officially known June 8 as Universe Oceans Day at the end of 2008, we have reached millions worldwide.