Would you like to change your style? If you want to know what one of the most fashionable styles currently consists of, below we explain what the boho chic style is and what are the ideal keys to dressing in this type of style. Read on because it mixes between the bohemian and the modern without a doubt you will be fascinated.

What is Boho Chic Style

The boho chic style is a type of romantic styling in which all kinds of very comfortable clothes are mixed with different touches or decorations in a bohemian and dreamy style. It is the ideal style to wear for the day, to go to festivals or to achieve a casual and at the same time very romantic and dreamy look, purely bohemian. But nowadays it has also been adapted to night occasions, using interesting accessories and a more relaxed style with printed and very light garments.

Flowy fabrics and accessories such as belts or striking earrings are a clear example of this type of style. To achieve the ideal boho-chic look, you must let your imagination run wild using garments with many patterns and different colors. Embroidery and crochet, fringe and braids are also some of the most used boho trends and will undoubtedly help you achieve a very sophisticated look without giving up the bohemian touch.

How to Dress Boho Chic

To get an ideal boho chic style, you must take into account some guidelines, both to hit the right clothes and to do it with accessories or select the perfect hairstyle.

As for the basic garments that you can use to achieve this style, we would highlight denim shorts or jeans shorts. The more frayed and torn they are the better, and it will always be ideal if you can see the pocket lining underneath these. For the bottom we would also highlight as very essential pieces of clothing the very vaporous skirts of flowers or with colorful prints.

We also recommend straight skirts that reach to the knee. For the top, chiffon, linen or very vaporous materials are undoubtedly basic, as well as fringed vests and denim jackets. A very good option is to also select wide and vaporous long dresses. If possible, for the tops always choose colors that are light.

As for footwear, the best option for winter will be boots and ankle boots with a casual and bohemian look. If you are looking for this type of shoe, check out Muse’s boho ankle boots. For summer instead we recommend Roman-style sandals, although nice spring-summer boots can also be a good option.

And undoubtedly an ideal boho chic style would not be complete without selecting accessories in detail. Keep in mind that one of the greatest inspirations for this style is Native Americans, so earrings with feathers or iron bracelets with rusty finishes are the perfect option to complement your style. A good idea is to choose garnet, black or navy-blue colors for accessories, and large gem rings are also a very good option.

As for the bag, the best option is the backpack type bags in dark and warm colors, or small bags with different accessories and many fringes in camel or slightly darker brown. Also, as for the hairstyle, as you can read here, we recommend braids to achieve the perfect styling, although in general any hairstyle taken care of in detail but with a casual or casual appearance will be ideal to complement this styling. We also recommend that you add feathers, bows or ribbons to finish complementing this style perfectly.