Is it a car? Is it a plane? In fact, it is both. The first flying car. The flying car is going to get real. A team at Terrafugia is about to use a vehicle that can lead to the roads and skies. The future is here and is called the Terrafugia Transition. The flying car has been a great ambition for decades and finally the dream has come true. No longer a subject of dreams and thinking retro nostalgic Terrafugia Transition hailed as one of the most innovative inventions of recent years, is almost ready for release.

Developed by Carl Dietrich, the development of the flying car was not smooth flight. The project hit some turbulence when the authorities needed about 18 million dollars in the redesign. The effort paid off and this year the U.S.National Highway Safety Administration approved the new vehicle and cleared it for use. It is possible that the U.S. marketcould see the car on the roads and in heaven at the end of 2012. European fans are hoping that the car will soon be erased from their own country from Europe and the U.S. share similar security standards. It is expected that the car will be approved for Europe, without complications or discomfort.

The Terrafugia Transition is the first of its kind and is a mixture of car and plane. On the road the car is capable of achieving up to 62 miles per hour at 115 mph if possible in the air. To operate the drivers license is required for light aircraft and undergo 20 hours of training. The target market is the United States hundreds of flights in communities that are found throughout the country this vehicle is the perfect match for your lifestyle. The estimated price for the Terrafugia Transition is currently averaging $ 230,000. 100 customers have already bombarded the amount of $ 10,000 deposit to reserve your own flying machine. The transition from plane to car mode takes only 15 seconds to remove the wings of the vehicle body and energy transfer from the propeller to the wheels. It is easy to see why many find the idea attractive flying car that offers the ultimate in travel efficiency. The car will be able to fit in a standard size garage and is approved for road use. The Terrafugia Transition is that to get attention, and taking off from runways and highways reduced. While expensive that many believe the new flying car is worth the price if for anything other than to fulfill a lifelong dream.