If you’ve recently started vaping and spent some time on electronic cigarette blogs and blogs, there’s a good chance of reading the MTL. You probably heard many electronic cigarette users talking about DTL (direct-to-long) and so you learned that there are two different ways to dig. What’s the difference between them? What is more advantageous and, most importantly, how does it fit correctly using the mouth-to-long technique? The direct vapor coupon code offers a low-price guarantee for the latest e-cigarettes on the market.

The good part is that if you were a smoker and you inhale the electronic cigarette vapor as you did with cigarette smoke, you are already an MTL smoker. Practically, mouth-to-long vaping involves 3 easy steps to follow:

– inhale in the mouth of the electronic cigarette vapor

– Keep the vapor in your mouth for a few moments

– inhale the vapor in the lungs

So, it’s simple to figure out what direct-to-lung vaper means – inhaling vapors directly into the lungs. And yet, why are there two ways to inhale the steam? The answer is related to the kind of experience you deserve. Learn more here.

What is the difference between MTL (mouth-to-long) and DTL (direct-to-long)

The way in which most of the electronic cigarette users resemble a lot like the style they were smoking classic cigarettes. Today’s electronic cigarettes are technologically advanced enough to generate an impressive amount of vapor, but for some vapors it is not enough. Being known in the cloud-chaser community, they want their electronic cigarettes to make huge and dense vapors, but to do this, it is necessary to adopt the “direct-to- lung”. Using high-powered atomizers with large vent holes, vapor production can be massively increased, and the method by which such airflow can be obtained is inhalation of vapor directly into the lungs.

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But many of us are not interested in participating in a vapor competition. After all, as long as the electronic cigarette satisfies us at least as a classic cigarette does, it is enough. In addition, compared with direct dying in the lungs, MTL has several advantages. Here’s what they are:

More intense aroma

One of the richest things when it comes to vaping is the fact that you have to choose between a multitude of flavors. Unlike electronic cigarette liquids from the first generation, today’s e-liquids are available in thousands of different flavors, many of which are extraordinarily well produced.

The disadvantage of direct-to-long damming is that you cannot really enjoy the flavor, because the vapor comes straight into the lungs. To compensate for this, some vapors supplement the amount of flavor, which reaches incredible 20% in some cases (usually aroma is 10% of the total amount of el-liquid). This increases the cost of e-liquid, the flavor being the most expensive ingredient in its composition.

If you’re an electronic cigarette user who likes MTL, you’ll enjoy more flavor, and you’ll also consume less e-liquid, which will save you more money.

What types of supplies do you need for MTL vaping?

MTL dredging requires neither tiny resistors nor high-power batteries, so any quality electronic cigarette will be good enough to have a pleasant crust experience. However, be careful when buying your clearomizer, so as not to confuse it with those that are destined to dig directly into the lungs, which have the broader mushroom to allow for a larger airflow. As for resistors, anything over 0.5 ohms is perfect for MTL dump.

Also, carefully choose the liquid for the electronic cigarette. Damage directly to the lungs offers a stronger throat hit because the volume of steam that is inhaled at the moment is much higher than in the case of MTL. So, because throat hit does not suffer, you will have to drink liquids with a higher concentration of nicotine and PG.

How do you like to vape more? Mouth-to-long or directly in the lungs?

Cigarette smoke is harmful and contains many carcinogenic substances, including tar and carbon monoxide. While the electronic cigarette liquid, which is vaporized, contains substances that are used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

Moreover, the price of tobacco cigarettes has increased exponentially in recent years, and the monthly cost of electron cigarettes is much lower.

With these advantages, it is not surprising that the electronic cigarette has quickly conquered the entire planet. Still, it remains a controversial subject. See additional info here.