Train your brain, release that stress and challenge your problem-solving skills with this oh-so-fantastic block puzzle game – BlockuDoku. Block puzzles are everyone’s favorite. Each variant is based on the same principle as that of the classic block puzzle. But, considering today’s time, these games are evolving – they come with an updated interface and have distinctive add-ons. Talking of the BlockuDoku block puzzle, out of all the ones you will find online, this is the simplest yet the most exciting game.

BlockuDoku by Easybrain

The Easybrain BlockuDoku is a block puzzle available worldwide in more than fifteen different languages. It comes with tones of exciting levels and essential features. It is a wonderful mobile application to perfect your analytical skills and is no rocket science. Just like any other block puzzle game, this one as well is simple yet challenging to keep you engaged.

The game is a combination of the creativity of the classic block puzzle along with the logic of Sudoku. This makes it something that you cannot put aside. The in-app purchases (at nominal prices) help you remove the advertisements, but if ads don’t bother you much, the free version is more than enough. The developers keep coming out with performance as well as stability improvements now and then, so there is no lag, and the game runs very smoothly.

Coming to the rules, your objective is to keep the 9×9 grid as clean as possible. So, pick a block from the three options that display in the bottom bar and drop that block wherever you feel is right on the board. You have to fill in the lines as well as the boxes, so they disappear from the board, and you consequent keep moving forward. This way, you can crack combos or make streaks to get more points. Each level brings you with a fresher and a unique puzzle, so you do not feel uninterested. Several themes give you a personalized experience, on top of which, no time limitation gets you going for as long as you want.

However, the best way to play the game is to stop thinking for too long and keep paying as fast as you can! The more you think, the more it delays, and the less are your chances of winning. So, to find your Zen, maintain a balance and keep destroying the figures swiftly.


Embracing the block puzzle format into the logic of Sudoku, BlockuDoku proves itself as an excellent pastime. It does not require you to put all your energy into it; instead, it effortlessly challenges your skills and helps you perfect the gameplay.

Try it yourself – install the game from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and play it anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.