Canon Introduces Image FORMULA CR-50

Canon Middle East, world-leader in imaging solutions, has announced the launch of its newly drafted cheque scanner, the Canon image FORMULA CR-50.

The small and cost-effective device has carried on calculated to meet the desire for reliable desktop taking a look at of cheques, vouchers and coupons, provided speeds up to 50 cheques per minute.

To balance customers’ evolved reading requirements, the image FORMULA CR-50 replaces the top notch image FORMULA CR-55, amongst new program improvements and features.

It is example for organizations so crisis to efficiently scan and was reading cheque info at branch offices or at a company’s sizable or administrative location.

The Canon image FORMULA CR-50 enables a funny things streamlined and price miniature cheque payment process.

To ensure great precision information capture, the image FORMULA CR-50 uses Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) supported by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to improve read accuracy and save employee time.

The image FORMULA CR-50 moreover incorporates a duration of powerful image processing parts for monumental worth and smarter image capture, such as Fine Text Filtering overly comes down unnecessary ‘noise’ on images in patterned backgrounds.

A built-in imprinter, amidst its useful low ink grade warning, can be activated to print licensing info onto cheques to benefit balance audit trail requirements. Alternatively a print “add-on” feature can be depleted to print recurring or cheque-relevant information onto scanned images.

Nilesh Pathak, Product Manager, Canon Middle East says, “Cheques nonetheless keep an sizeable system of payment in a large number of markets.

For example, some organizations are turning to a decentralized system by reading through and capturing patron cheque guidelines at branch office locations, so are coming across as for more rapidly and more price effective payment processing solutions.

The new ultra-compact CR-50 cheque scanner is exemplary for these types of environments at which individuals want to accurately scan cheques based on information from tiny cashier counters or desktops at the uppermost quality.”

For softer operation, Canon’s paper handling technology ensures which all cheques are processed without interruption.

The CR-50 includes infrared dual feed detection and a paper thickness tweak so the present users can ensure reliable cheque processing and minimizing the gamble of paper jams.