Touchscreen technology typing is painful for just a Snapchat caption. The compact Casestudi Wireless Keyboard provides the ideal upgrade for writers on the move, combining physical feedback with an brilliant folding design. the computer keyboard connects wirelessly to phone or tablet, with a range of 6-8 meters. The layout is just what you expect from a Windows laptop, although with a fold down the middle.

The take some time have proper spring action, and there is satisfactory room between them for your fingertips to identify. When it is time for you to move, the keyboard retracts just like a clamshell to be able to protect the keys, and halve in proportion. In this folded away state, it might be genuinely portable. For anyone who must edit documents regularly, this keyboard is a sensible investment.


Casestudi Folding Bluetooth Keyboard Makes Mobile Tablet Typing Very Easier