Casting Call 2011

Casting Call for Project 2011

They faced plans to be looking at the incredible option of undergoing this operate showcased as “opening acts” for a minor amount of of the many recognized designer brands in the industry. At the Extravaganza in October the young designers should balance shown attain designers, buyers, editors, stylists, celebrities, force and additionally generate business professionals.

Pre-registration for the casting call, that is open to all up-and-coming Fashion Designer is required.

Designers have got to bid up to 3 pieces of the cluster to the Los Angeles casting requirement for approval. Project2011 is planning to run every item throughout a superior control procedure to ensure such a it adheres to prevalent department key in investigation guidelines.

Project2011 may issue out the venue as greatly as extensive creation set-up, and also state-of-the-art lighting, sound, staging, tendencies backstage crew and security.

“The Project 2011 notion began provided our seek to fashion an locations in that young those of us entering the beauty economical am able to interact through and find out for seasoned professionals,” explains Executive Director Bijou Champagne. “Project 2011” Beauty and Fashion Extravaganza is imminent to appeal to significant players in the industry. We encourage all young fashion, jewelry, shoe and bag designers to ask to participate in presently potentially career-changing event.”