It’s one of the most common behaviors that we see on the road: placing your feet up on the dashboard. After a few hours (or minutes, for some) of being cooped up in the vehicle, all you want to do is stretch out your legs and relax. What many are unaware of is the severe threat this habit imposes on your physical safety. The next time you’re thinking of propping your legs up on the dash, consider the information below.

What Can Happen When You Put Your Feet Up On the Dash

The primary threat to your safety when you choose to sit with your feet up on the dashboard is the potential injuries that can happen as a result of the airbag being deployed. If you were to be in a collision while your legs were propped up, the airbag would be expelled at a speed of 100-220 miles per hour. Even low-speed accidents (30 mph or less) can cause the airbag to deploy, so you never know when the risk may present itself. The force can easily shatter your legs and hips, injuries that can have severe lifelong impacts.

Still, the airbag isn’t the only present danger when you choose to sit this way. If you continue to sit with your legs in this position, the following can also occur:

  • Windshield Injuries: Many victims have had to undergo amputations as a result of their legs going through the windshield during an accident. If your legs are up on the dashboard, they cannot be protected within the cabin of the vehicle as intended.
  • Seat Belt Injury: Sitting with your legs propped up on the dashboard changes the positioning of your body, and therefore, the placement of the seatbelt on your body. When it is not in its intended position, the seatbelt cannot adequately protect you. If you endure a car accident in this position, you are at a higher risk of incurring severe internal organ damages along with spinal injuries.

These are only a few examples of what can happen when you choose to sit with your feet up on the dashboard. The best thing you can do to keep yourself safe in the car is to sit up straight with the proper restraints. If you do experience an accident and incur injuries as a result, however, a car accident attorney can help you file a claim for compensation.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney for Your Injuries

Few people are aware of the intense, life-threatening risks associated with riding in a vehicle with their legs placed on the dashboard. Though it seems to be just a comfortable position to be in, the results can be devastating if anything unexpected were to occur on the road. If this has been your experience, get in touch with a car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Insurers are notorious for attempting to blame the victims in these scenarios. They do this in efforts to avoid any responsibility of paying compensation for medical expenses, prioritizing their profits over policyholders’ wellbeing. An experienced attorney will stand by your side and ensure that you get precisely the compensation you need, despite a stubborn insurer. Get in touch today to begin filing your claim.