Word of Mouth, a Big Bearing on Profits

Word of mouth for any business, medical or otherwise relies in large part upon word of mouth. Word of mouth can build up a business or tear it down. Over one half of the population relies on company reviews to determine whether or not they will invest their time or money in that business.

If companies of today do not build on the Internet for their marketing strategies that business is going to fail, because of over 90 percent of all companies must do business on the internet or fail. The percentage of people who look for product and company reviews go for the four and five stars rating.

Healthcare reviews are critical to the success of any medical practice. There is no other way in today’s marketplace, and the medical field is no exception. In this instance, we are talking about the medical field, doctors, clinics, hospitals, private practices, and the overall healthcare system.

When the general public is looking for a doctor, a dentist, a specialist, and more they are going to look at the reviews. They are going to look at the experience of others who have gone to that practice before them before they make an appointment.

A high star rating determines whether or not the medical practice sees new patients coming through their door. Researchers say that over half of the populace trust that practices website of reviews before they come on board as a new patient.

So the question remains,

“Does healthcare reputation management matter?

In another recent research, nearly 50 percent of people who looked at website reviews said that all the positive reviews influenced them as to their choice of practitioners. It did not matter if the doctor was in a network or out of network. If the doctor were out of network and had a much better rating, they would go to that practitioner instead of the one in a network with less then perfect reviews.

Most all of the doctors interviewed said that online reviews about their practice put a lot of pressure and stress on them as doctors and in many cases, online reviews placed a wedge between doctor and patient relationships. The reason for this is that patients who could not confront their doctor about feelings or problems had no problems venting negatively online in the comfort of their home. Given this, doctors should always respond to online patient reviews, positive or negative immediately.

The Vital Responsibility of Healthcare Management Teams

Management teams are hard at work all the time to protect the reputation of the institution, the doctor, and the staff. Protecting reputations is high on the ladder of goals for this management team because this protection leads to higher profits for the facility and doctor.

Another important issue for management teams is to protect all HIPAA issues and the confidentially of patients. It is one thing for the patient to disclose online private information about their health, but when it comes to giving a response, management teams cannot, under any circumstances disclose any sensitive information about that patient.

Management teams can respond to reviews quicker than the doctor, staff, or facility whether the review is negative or positive. In the end, if a facility, a doctor and their office staff do not have a third-party to intercept all reviews promptly, it could mean a significant loss of profits.

It is vital that facilities and doctors hear the voice of their patients and an appropriate response is given promptly, or that doctor may lose his patient. Management teams assure that a higher quality of care continues as well as a protection of reputation through an online presence.

Does Healthcare Management Matter?

Healthcare reputation management makes all the difference in the world.