Built by Austria based Marchi Mobile luxury  elemment Palazzo mobile home perhaps one of world’s most amazing caravan. Measuring in at 45 feet long it has extremely forward thinking exterior shell. The elemment Palazzo mobile home boasts a wide variety of amenities that are unparalleled by most if not all motor homes.

It has everything you need to live on the road including a fully equipped, fully functional kitchen, master bedroom complete with rainfall shower, and even a motorized upper deck that would make the perfect bar area for taking in the scenery.

The cockpit is equally impressive, complete with a touchscreen that lets the driver control all of the key features and functions the elemment Palazzo mobile home has to offer.

And it costs $3 million. So if you have an extra $3 million lying around, it’s time to start thinking about picking up one of these elemment Palazzo Land Yachts.