Have a look at Renault Trezor hottest electric idea. Fresh off from an unveiling at the Paris Motor show, the vehicle has been creating a lot of chatter among the list of auto-press. The general consensus is the fact it’s a more ‘mature’ vehicle, one befitting from the marque’s recent streamlining with their primary product line under the command of artist.

The fully electric car offers a 260kW battery that puts out 360 horse and 282 pound foot of torque, allowing it to speed from zero to 62 miles every hour in under four seconds. In addition to the all that power under the hood, the general design of the thing is almost otherworldly. That is 15 feet long, 6 feet wide, only 3 feet tall, and rather than doors the complete top half of the sports coupe lifts on with passengers to get in and out. Arriving in a more elegant than muscle silhouette, the new Renault Trezor features a low-stance co2 fiber bodywork and stunning red glazing.

Contrasting surface finishes serve to further the pleasing design beauty behind the Trezor, as the inside of the vehicle boasts fiery red, finished with a dash made from red wooden that incorporates a suitcases compartment at the vehicle’s front. The Trezor is including a jewelery-box style one-piece clam shell roof that really functions similar to a hatch, again also realize futuristic feel behind the car’s design.

Concept features the new renault styling tips that are to be found through the modern day range, namely warm, simple, fragile lines; a clearly-defined family face and C-shaped light signature. smooth at the front, this bodywork magnifying mirrors the car’s dynamic personality. at the rear, it features hexagonal panels that underline the ‘trezor’s’ sports temperament and technology. the metallic finish conveys an image that is both sleek and protective.

Renault Trezor concept design boom. on the bonnet, the honeycomb-form air intake echoes the structure of the rear end bodywork. these hexagonal styles provide a variable-geometry consumption, the movement of which embellishes the ‘trezor’ with extra dynamism and creates the impression that it is ‘actually breathing’. on the left-hand side of the body, the gas filler hatch has recently been replaced by an advertising agency gauge that indicates the vehicle’s charge level, using traditional sports car practice. this ‘rope-like’ fiber set up provides bright, distinctive light.

Under braking, the decalage and stacking of the optical fibers creates an interesting views and improves the intensity of the light. Renault Trezor one-piece clam shell roof lifts just like the lid of an earrings box to give access to the home. the accent is on driving pleasure and comprehensive 2 made of premium quality materials, including wood and leather. using its blend of craftsmanship; technology;

and a truly french touch. the cockpit offers a foretaste of the sleeker, more and mheight=”725″ore refined interiors of future Renault models, complete with cutting-edge connectivity. standing just 1, 080mm tall, the vehicle invites occupants to straddle the medial part of its body as they climb in. this kind of entry is a fashion back to the world of classic racing cars, where in drivers felt as one with their machines. the sporting and fragile method of entry is accentuated by the red leather trim for the upper part of the pillar. it looks almost like a saddle, plus the ingress is caused by automatically reclining headrests.