New Gmail
New Gmail

Leaked video of an upcoming redesign Gmail looks good to the naked eye, but a closer inspection, but also makes sure that a change that annoy users.

The mark of 0:54 in the video, you can see an ad for text-based Gmail in a new place, just below the field of e-mail response. This is in addition to the ads that Gmail now shown along the right sidebar.Although redesign Gmail has not gone live yet, and things may change before it happens, the new ad placement seems the Google’s latest attempt to get more advertising dollars from your email service. Earlier this year, Google announced plans to make Gmail ads smarter by collecting data over time rather than just the current scan email for keywords. Judging by the video presentation redesign, it seems these clever ads appear in the new location, under the field of e-mail response. Google has already experimented with color advertising imagery, but have been seen only sporadically so far.

On the plus side, Google seems to be fixing some of the other hassles of Gmail with the new design. Chat window and the label is resizeable, the search function that will harmonize with a clean drop-down menu and the page itself automatically formatted to fit any size browser window.


Gmail Redesign Fixes Annoyances