Prepare yourself to get cozy with the Grande Punto Merino Blanket by Ohhio. Made out of natural and warm merino wool, this Grande Punto Merino Blanket can be extremely soft and plush and achieves a superb big design thanks to some seriously oversized stitches.

Seeking more like an workable work of art, the Grande Punto Blanket comes in your selection of seven colors and will undoubtedly improve any bed, sofa, hammock, or reading nook with instant comfort. Utilize the Importante Punto Blanket as a modern-day accent to your furniture or to cuddle up to your chosen film.

For the reason that merino wool is all natural, the Grande Blanket is hypoallergenic and safe for both children and pets so the whole family can get cozy. Natural merino made of woll provides unique softness and warmth, and unusual large design with oversized stitching makes this blanket not an ordinary thing but a work of artwork. Blanket was created specially for those people who appreciate size and comfort.

It will be amazed with its warmth and gentleness. In addition this interlaced blanket will bring a splash of modern day design to your home due to the outstanding design. Natural constructed from wool is very gentle materials, so you should follow some tips to keep your blankets, scarves and cowls looking good.