Changes in the way consumers are learning about products and making purchases have led to the evolution of internet marketing. Regardless of your industry and the services or products your business provides, you cannot afford to ignore the current trends in digital marketing.

One of the primary marketing tools being used in 2020 is using social media sites. Although it is no longer the most favored social media platform, Facebook is still one of the primary ways to market your products. However, a study by Forbes showed that around 41% of this site’s users are over 65 years old. The younger demographic has turned to other platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Tick Tock.

These sites offer more interactive and visual experiences to the users, which is quickly gaining popularity. Using social media makes your brand visible to a vast market, with platforms like Instagram having over a billion users. However, it is crucial to be mindful of your target audience before selecting any venue for your product.

Aside from the social media platforms, another marketing avenue gaining recognition is messaging applications. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp provide a massive audience to businesses, each having over a billion users, and with billions of messages being exchanged regularly. These apps, therefore, enable companies to reach a broad audience with brief and personalized texts. Messenger marketing is expected to become the most used marketing channel, globally.

Another tool that is quickly gaining traction is the artificial intelligence software known as chatbots. Chatbots use direct messaging or verbal interactions to chat with consumers in real-time. As the consumer interacts more with the system, the AI learns more about them, steadily improving the consumer’s experience. These bots are gaining attention as they provide instant replies to the customers’ queries, provide 24-hour service, and do not need vacations, breaks, or overpay.

Vujà Dé Digital uses videos to market products. It has quickly become a meaningful way to reach your potential customers. As more people are using smartphones, they are watching videos more to gain a better understanding of various brands and what they have to offer. Around 72% of businesses attribute their increased conversion rates to video content. As people consider video-content more captivating, search engines like Google push pages that contain videos higher in the search rankings. Including a video will hence increase the chances of people learning about your brand.

One way that video-marketing can be used is by live streaming, which can be combined with influencer marketing. Here, companies make use of social media influencers, athletes, celebrities, or musicians who have a vast audience to interact directly with consumers. These tools are rapidly becoming popular, with the platform Twitch having over 15 million users daily watching their content. Posting videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram is also becoming a significant way to promote your products.

Generic email marketing has now evolved into the adaptation of automated and personalized emails. Around 63% of customers find generic advertising blasts extremely annoying. Instead, advertisements based on the consumer’s behavior, such as purchase history and their location, are more appealing and likely to encourage purchases.

Personalized recommendations have been credited for some of the success being witnessed in Netflix and Amazon. Personalized video content, email campaigns, and products have been identified as game-changers, driving revenue up in companies like Starbucks, Cadbury’s, and EasyJet.

The year 2020 has also seen an uptake in the use of other tools like voice interaction, where companies use voice searches as a marketing strategy. Corporations are also adopting the use of interactive content like polls and quizzes. Overall, adopting an omnichannel approach to marketing has been determined to allow businesses to reach a broader scope of consumers.