At this point it should be no secret that Apple will soon introduce a new iPhone, known as the Community 5th Apple iPhone Credible evidence now suggests that the next iPhone will be a world phone supports GSM and CDMA bands.
iPhone 5
iPhone 5
Till year ago, Apple makes only GSM-capable iPhone, because it was the only technology that Apple support, because it was bundled with the GSM- based carriers. Yet, at the beginning of this year, Apple released iPhone CDMA, when he announced that it will support Verizon. Over see the same, CDMA and GSM iPhone are actually a completely different facility built in different places. This is not a bad balance for Apple, which is needed for the various different devices, but it’s bad for customers who might want to go to the carrier, which uses different technology, or more importantly, traveling to a country where only one technology is available, such as India and Brazil, where most carriers are dependent on CDMA technology.

iPhone 5
iPhone 5
Now it seems that a new type of iPhone that supports both CDMA and GSM, is used to a very limited number of people, which confirmed the leaked records about the use of which showed that several applications App Store was registered with a different kind of iPhone is not available today. Even when he said, records are not made public, it is no surprise that Apple wants to continue to sell separate hardware for each type of media. Hybrid iPhone will include the necessary hardware to run on both CDMA networks like Verizon and GSM networks like AT & T, which allows users to switch carriers if they are so inclined, without having to replace hardware. Moreover, this change to the iPhone the perfect travel Smartphones, which allows him to work with virtually any phone carrier in the world.The new generation iPhone would be officially unveiled at Apple’s media event, to which should take place in the first half of September, if the reports be observed. Known as the iPhone 5, new hardware has been rumored for months, and will reportedly include 8-megapixel camera, unlike the iPhone 4 to 5-megapixel one, A5 processor (which is also built into the monitors 2), and more display.

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iPhone5 To Be A World Phone & Support GSM & CDMA