iP 5 Rumors to 4G LTE Rel 7 October
iP 5 Rumors to 4G LTE Rel 7 October

The next iPhone 5 is so close we can almost feel it. Apple’s long-awaited fifth generation phone is leaving traces in the form of two new rumors that we are a little more clear what we should expect in the next six weeks.

First, a little shame: Engadget got leaked photos from an anonymous tipster that shows the 4G LTE kit installed in the “main” Apple store. A device that is said to have been installed by AT & T, supports 700MHz and AWS wireless radio – the same band AT & T plans to use for your network, if its acquisition of T-Mobile gets thumbs up from government regulators.

Leaked photos (which has since been removed “at the request of the tipster,” says Engadget), followed by Tuesday’s news that Apple and its carriers are testing 4G LTE enabled version of the iPhone – although there is no evidence that the version of the iPhone will be testing their fifth

In short, there are many reasons to believe that Apple is testing 4G water – of course they are – but nothing concrete to show that the next iPhone will have this option. We remain skeptical that Apple will put too much weight on the wireless infrastructure, which is still very much in development, but everything is possible.

Another interesting piece of the iPhone 5 speculation that Apple plans to release iPhones 5 to 7 October, with pre-orders equipment from 30 September. October 7 date is dependent on production of next-generation iPhone goes along at its current pace. If production slows down, it could release be pushed back a week, until October 14th Either way, this data is consistent with the September-October timeline we act forever.

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iPhone 5 Rumors Point to 4G LTE Support Rel 7 October