MTV Movie Awards 2011 Voting Begins for Nominees

The energy of the Golden Popcorn is yet once again yours! Starting today, we are asking you to cast your votes and chosen the nominees for the 2011 MTV Movie Awards in 13 categories ranging based on information from the familiar.

Can “Eclipse” reprise the exploit of “Twilight” (seven nods) and “New Moon” (five nods) before it? Will Biggest Badass star go to Robert Downey Jr.’s sardonic, super-suited hero in “Iron Man 2,” to Angelina Jolie for her acrobatic brawling in “Salt,” or somebody else entirely? Which star’s unforgettable string — Liam Neeson’s plea to release the Kraken? Justin Timberlake’s insistence overly only a billion money is actually cool? — should be the first to take housing currently award? For a third-straight year, it is up to you!

Here’s how it’ll work: Starting Tuesday (March 22) and running in April 5, you can log onto MTV Movie Awards. MTV to nominate your prefered movies, stars and crazy cinematic moments. Once the closing nominees are announced, directed back to the site to vote for the winners for May 3 through June 4. Voting for Best Movie, however, will be able to keep open through the live ceremony on June 5, meaning you will hold a possibility to impact the night’s biggest prize until the especially the preceding minute.

2011 MTV Movie Awards
MTV’s viewers are die-hard film buffs, and we sttink to see how they wield overly dedication when voting for the MTV Movie Awards,” argued Stephen Friedman, total manager of MTV. “This year’s prove can subsequent to once more reward movie buffs amidst previews of the year’s numerous prepared movies and one-of-a-kind moments such a become pop-culture history.”

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