If you think that the stars, imagine a massive, flaming ball of fire as well as our sun, but there are stars out there in space that you could actually stand and not be burned to crisp. NASA is known of these celestial bodies – the so-called brown dwarf stars Y – great for a long time. But now, satellite spotted a particularly cold Y dwarf who holds the record for best new star at just 80 degrees Celsius.

Infrared Satellite Spies
Infrared Satellite Spies

Prior to the discovery that the Y dwarfs the best in history would immediately burn human Explorer, but unhappy that an individual would be too warm. New cold quench star record holder just enough infrared light, which saw wide NASA Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE), satellite, and is order cooler than before. WISE also spotted about 100 other brown dwarfs – some that are much closer than NASA thought.

Brown dwarf star sometimes called “failed stars” because of their relatively low weight, they will still be able to fuse atoms, such as our Sun. The lack of bright visible light makes these cool stars is difficult to see even with binoculars and using infrared sensors are sometimes the only way to learn about their existence. Researchers were surprised that several of them within 40 light years from our solar system, just a stone’s throw away, in terms of our galaxy.


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NASA spots chilled out Stars Cooler than the human Structure