Medical negligence is a common occurrence and is one of the leading causes of death in the US. Medical malpractice lawsuits are also on the rise, and they range from misdiagnosis, anesthesia errors, surgical mistakes, and prescription issues.

 If you sustain drug prescription injuries, it’s advisable to file a lawsuit. In Indiana, seeking legal help from an Indianapolis medical malpractice attorney will make the process simple. You’ll get information on why you should file a claim and when to do it.

Why do prescription drug injuries happen?

There’s a lot of competition among pharmaceutical firms. Most drug manufactures often rush to release new drugs in the market, and this can make physicians use shortcuts while testing the medications. Sadly, this can result in many drug side effects and other life-threatening injuries to the body organs.

Moreover, deceptive marketing can lead to over-prescription by health workers or over-use of certain medications. Lack of proper screening for drugs before being released into the market can also harm patients.

What should you do after incurring prescription drug injuries?

The first step to take is to seek medical help from your nearby healthcare provider, or at any other medical facility. Carry all the drugs and talk to the doctor about the frequency of usage and symptoms. Once you get other medicines for your health condition, stop taking the drugs immediately, and consult an attorney who deals with personal injuries.

Why seek legal, medical malpractice help for your case?

A medical malpractice lawyer is the best person to seek help from after incurring injuries due to prescription drugs. The attorneys at Kooi Law understand the legal process and will furnish you with all the facts you need to know about prescription drug injuries.

  1. Advice and legal education

A prescription drug injury attorney will advise you on the actions to take after incurring injuries and losses from prescription drugs. They will also educate you on the reasons for filing a drug prescription injury lawsuit and what you expect from such a case.

  1. Filing a lawsuit

The attorney will help you file a prescription drug injury lawsuit against the individual or company responsible for the injuries. A skilled medical malpractice attorney will assist you in proving to the involved health provider or doctor that they can’t give harmful drugs and get away with it. Filing a claim will make them handle patients keenly and get a bit serious with their work.

  1. Compensation

The attorney will help with the court process and support you in getting the right settlement for your loss. Most compensation claims made are determined by the medical expenses, loss of income, physical and psychological trauma. Most of the lawyers offer free consultation and won’t ask for fees upfront. This way, you can pay the attorney after winning the case using part of your compensation money.

The bottom line

A majority of the medicines in the hospitals are safe. Drug companies always ensure that all drugs are safe for all patients. However, errors do happen, but they are rare. If you happen to be a victim of such blunders, hire a medical malpractice attorney.