Even though the garage contains less important or rarely used items – it shouldn’t be a mess. Sorting out a garage may seem like a lot of work, but it’s pretty easy. You don’t need to have amazing organizational skills to organize any part of your home, even a messy garage. We created a simple guide on organizing your garage like a pro – simple, yet effective tips to help you out. Let’s start organizing, step by step.

Give yourself enough time

To make sure everything is organized and clean – don’t do it in a rush. Dedicate a day off or two to organizing your garage so you can do everything properly.

Declutter so you can organize

If any part of your home needs organizing, you should start with decluttering first. Take a look at your garage and start sorting out all items into three piles:

This may take a while, depending on the size of your garage. However, this is the biggest and most difficult part of the organizing process. Once you’re done – everything will go smooth and fast.

What to do with the items you don’t need?

If you have a certain number of items that are new or in a good condition, but not necessarily in your garage – it’s good to sell them to even make some money out of this process. You can easily do it online, or by organizing a garage sale. People love buying good house items at reasonable prices, so it won’t be hard to sell them. Also, if you still want to keep some items but don’t have space in your garage – consider renting storage. It proved that storage can have many great usages and you might find one very practical and necessary.

Set a budget for organizing your garage like a pro

Even though it doesn’t seem that way, organizing your garage can be expensive. Shelves and other items can be pricey, so it’s good to write down the prices and your budget limits before you start. This way, you won’t give up before you finish, and use an alternative, cheaper storage solutions if necessary.

Repair whatever’s broken

Before you start cleaning and setting up shelves, take a look at your empty garage and see what needs to be repaired. Roof, walls, or doors usually get damaged over time, so now is the perfect chance to take care of that.

Repairing and organizing your garage can certainly raise the house’s value if you plan on moving. And once you decide to move, contact the professionals – Purple Heart Moving Group can move anything you have in your home, even the bulky items in your garage.

Clean before organizing your garage

It’s not easy to clean your garage with all the items inside – so many people don’t do it that often. However, getting rid of all the junk and making more space is the perfect chance to clean the walls, floors, and shelves in the garage, so don’t forget to do it before you take the items back inside.

Set up some storage

Once you’re left with the items you need, it’s time to organize them. You can’t do it effectively without appropriate storage. To maximize your storage options without taking a lot of space in your garage, think about various storage choices that fit your garage space. Some of the great options are simple and cheap shelves, hooks for hanging tools and baskets to increase storage space even more.

However, be sure to make a floor plan of your garage first, so you can take measures and see what are the shelves that fit the space.

Think of safety, too

When setting up storage in your garage, think about all the hazardous items that shouldn’t be at hand to your kids or pets. To protect them, use cabinets that you can easily lock and stay safe at all times.

Ceiling storage

No space in your garage? You can even use your ceiling to make some more storage. You can install racks on your ceiling and find baskets that can fit those racks/railings, which make them easy to use and very practical. It’s necessary to lift the items from the ground as much as possible, which will give you more space to go around and park your car, but also provide storage space for all the items you have.

Organization by categories

The focus of organizing your garage like a pro should be the ability to reach the necessary items easily and make enough room for your car. That’s why you should organize your items systematically. Firstly, pack al the rarely used items in the back or on the top shelves, and move bulky items such as lawnmower in a corner. Next place the items you use frequently on the place where you can easily reach them – lower shelves, in the front, etc. Also, you can sort out items by categories – sports, car equipment, tools, etc. This way you’ll make your garage practical and easy to use.


If you use multiple plastic boxes or baskets for storing smaller items, it’s very useful to label these containers. Use a permanent marker to write down the contents of each container. Make sure that the labels are easily visible, so you can find items much faster.


Even though it might seem like an extra step, organizing your garage is very beneficial in many ways. First, a clean and organized garage is attractive to potential buyers and will boost your home value – in case you want to sell your home.

Also, you will enjoy using it when everything is easy to find and reach. And finally, your car will be much safer in an organized space. With all the benefits listed – let’s start organizing!