1. Go to your desktop or go home

Some of the many reasons I’ve been a fan of the platforms is to run a desktop application which means that when my Internet connection goes down or need I have to access their data online that I can, unlike many of their competitors that rely on web 2.0 platforms. They offer the most powerful seo software business and I’ve stuck with it, offering hardcore analysis you need to get the best information possible to make the right decisions, not wait 2-3 months for new data that can be extracted and ready for analysis in a few hours. If you’ve done something wrong, such as tracking the wrong keywords can make a change like adding an additional keyword and rerun the upgrade for a new batch of reports of classification. The other advantage is that once the data is in place and is monitoring a new competitor who can put aside your domain or URL to the platform and map them against your existing data keyword.

The desktop software’s performance compared to Web 2.0 is one of the other reasons I prefer to do my analysis of hardcore in a dedicated platform, as well as export data to Excel when you want to crack real number.

2. SEO software for the paranoid

While not a huge concern for me at present, there are a number of people in the industry are reluctant to use web-based platforms SEO as the T & C may mean that, in fact, possess all the SEO data. I found it also bonus feature is that AWR your SEO campaign data is stored locally, so there is no concern that others may have access to monitoring data for the package is perfect for sellers and paranoids who may need to keep that data private.

3. The main benefits of SEO tools desktop?

My main reason why I love the AWR and ALM platform and continue to use them and recommend them is that their platform is that it is available offline, but also offers companies / tracking hard and keep my data stored locally. While the update process can sometimes be a bit slow the other advantage of running a desktop version is not updated to force the latest version without their consent. This forced update web property 2. 0 often makes the users a lot of headache, as you may be happy with the current features and interface and have to undergo a major change and re-learning process do not count in your week to make the list. It is also another great source for tracking how some of their sites or sites of competitors have been affected by recent updates Panda 2.5.

4. Key Benefits of Web Manager and Liaison score

Bots on your desktop
More accurate, reliable and complete data seo
Automated SEO reports to make your process information faster
provides automatic backup of data to safeguard your data search
always improving and deployment of incremental updates / upgrades
access to complete research tools and accurate keywords
data privacy is guaranteed and that data is stored locally, no one has access to it
add a personal touch to your SEO and reports delivered directly to your inbox

5. Why website owners need to use Advanced Web Ranking

Keyword research tool
search engine
Choose from over 2000 search engines
Keywords importing files, URLs, or Web sites automatically
Get tips Automatic Google keyword
Sort all the keywords in order of priority
Manage your keywords and create compound keywords
Get data from WordTracker keywords
View interactive information in reports
Quick overview of website ranking
only meet the relevant results
assess the competition before optimizing your website
request for new bikeCustom Search res
quickly analyze your website and learn how to improve
Google Maps query to check local rankings

6. Why SEO should use Advanced Web Ranking

Preview the Google search engine
use multiple proxy servers to reduce the update time
constant monitoring of search engine updates
obtain an analysis of keywords onpage
email to customers automatically
export reports in multiple formates ranking
Automatic download reports via FTP client
scheduling updates for multiple projects at once
Easily organize hundreds of projects
manage multiple user profiles
Automatic Configuration Enables sending special reports
export data to your home in the tools
achieve the same result that your customers seetheir share of the wund
schedule updates to be done while you are away from your computer
use multiple API keys for search engines

7. Caphyon continuous improvement of its platform

There have been some amazing changes in his platform as previously reviewed in April 2010, but the biggest change has been the move to the new interface, which has increased in some functions, but also streamline some processes work. The new platform is very similar to the popular web 2.0 interface and offers a much simpler interface for daily tasks and analysis while taking a little longer to adjust if you’re used to the old platform makes it faster to make quick analysis. The biggest difference I’ve seen in recent years is the dramatic improvement in the ability of the platforms to cope with huge amounts of historical data, some of my projects over 3 years of monitoring data. The new platform has been cut back to focus on six key aspects of their campaigns, but it’s a learning curve when switching from the previous version to the new interface and some of its standard features seo ranking a little more of the digging to find the first time. The only aspect that is not yet possible to customize the primary icons or create shortcut icons for common reports that you need for your day to day tasks. The only two new features that do not appear on the screen are the backlink reports and data from Google Analytics can now be imported into AWR so you can start to have a central platform for analysis on how SEO campaigns being performed.

8. Why not use multiple IPs?

One of the problems with the operation of desktop software is that you risk having your IP address blacklisted by Google to scrape their SERPs but may take much longer to do a full update on its ranking. But after struggling with this problem for a number of years that finally made the jump to multiple IP addresses and have not looked back, plus some technical setbacks providing some IPs below the mean of the process has been quite impressive and I’m considering how much you can extend this process until I can get updates in minutes and hours, no?

9. Advanced Classification Update history

Version 8.5 (September 29, 2011) – Import SEOmoz Linkscape backlink data, synchronize data with sorting data in Google Analytics
Version 8.1 (June 14, 2011) – Improved user interface for printing reports, ability to display graphics in the best position to date, multiple reports, the ability to copy / paste the configuration keywords project the ability to modify an existing keyword, browser manager
Version 8. 0 (April 18, 2011) – Redesigned user interface applications, more than 1,000 improvements in usability and design, planning service new and improved location on Google search
Version 7.5 (October 5, 2010) – report to print general categories grouped by keywords, Google Suggest for the countries, general web site optimization (Top 10 comparison), export to HTML for web site optimization
Version 7.4 (August 10, 2010) – overall standings, the report engine optimization, the ability to obtain keywords from the Google Webmaster Tools API, the ability to show items not classified in the table on several dates, breakdown by category of words key mozRank ability to display in reports, FTP over SSL
Version 7. 3 (May 28, 2010) – ability to group proxies category SEMRush API keyword suggestion, Bing API, FTP profiles project summary table the report of the competition, the XSLT for the competence report , ability to import local search engines CSV, the ability to import locations CSV Google Preview

10. Advanced Manager Update Link History

Version 7. 5 (October 5, 2010) – Overview Website Optimization (Top 10 comparison), export to HTML for Web optimization, ability to raise up to 10,000 links SEOMoz
Version 7.4 (August 10, 2010) – SEO report, FTP over SSL, ability to run only updates Rank, the default home page for a project, the ability to update the broken links in the scheduler
Version 7. 3 (May 28, 2010) – ability to raise bonds account SEOMoz Pro, interactive column Referrers mozRank unverified reports and references, Bing API integration, the categories of the proxy server automatically add meta keywords and the title as keywords in a new project, the progress of the FTP file upload

11. It’s free, why not try?
Since nobody wants to go take a dive on a new platform, without an idea as most of the major platforms that offer SEO download free 30 days, which includes Advanced Web Ranking and Link Manager Advanced. I suggest that you take for a spin and see how it can help your daily tasks and of course SEO reporting later this month much easier.



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