Gmail announced November 1 is developing a new interface that users see as soon as you see the “Changing to the new look” in your Gmail page. Gmail designers have opted for the Google brand stripped of interface, along with new ways to customize the design depending on how a person uses free email service. The redesign is just that: a new design will have to learn, but no new features.

Ready for change? Here are eight key changes that users in the Gmail experience. Familiarize yourself now, so that the change will not come as a surprise.

 1. Gmail automatically resizes to fit any window size. This means that when you adjust the size of a window display or use Gmail on different devices with different screen sizes, Gmail will adjust to a seamless experience from one screen to another.

2. You can adjust the display settings of density. The options range from “comfortable” to show the minimum number of lines, “homey” and “compact.” This could be useful when changing devices, such as reading email on a big screen laptop, you can switch to a smaller screen tablet. Density control is in the Settings menu located under the gear icon.

3. Adjust the size of the label and chat panels to suit your use. For example, if you are an organizer that uses labels to mail folders, in addition to the standard input tray, bookmarks, and sent, you can make the panel larger conversation and hide it completely. Alternatively, charlatans can expand the size of your chat list to display more contacts and less labels.

4. The labels themselves have more prominence in the new design. They are placed in the front of the subject line to track more efficiently. The labels go beyond Google’s star system and can be created to group emails by topic or to provide an action as “doing.”

5. Gmail has added new topics including high-resolution images provided by iStockphoto for high definition displays. If you have been using a central issue, the old theme will be imported when your account is moved to the new design. Topics can be seen in the Settings menu.

6. Topics of conversation have been reorganized to improve readability. Instead of stacking the emails in a thread making it impossible to identify until the user opens the stack, Gmail Redesigned the talks in a viewable format, horizontal, which could be the most useful new Gmail redesigned.

7. Each email in a thread also shows the sender’s profile picture when available. This feature makes it faster to identify the various participants in a thread.

8. Gmail now has a box of all-in-an advanced search. The box contains the same features as the previous Gmail advanced search, but presented in a vertical format that fits with the new design. Users can also create a mail filter in advanced search box, eliminating the need to open an additional window.