Teen Titans
Teen Titans

Obdell new series of Teen Titans bring the title back to its most popular premise, a team of young superheroes and friends who embark on adventures around the world.

Although not as original Titans last on the list, the presence of characters as the legacy of Kid Flash (Bart Allen West), Red Robin (Tim Drake) and Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) Teen Titans will make familiar to fans.

The writer also feature three entirely new characters called “Girl of coal” Bugg, wall, but has not revealed any significant information about them.

Title also appears significantly tie with Lobdell Superboy series, as Kon-El begins as the main antagonist of Titan before that (supposedly) on their side against EThis NOWHERTema first new series of Teen Titans Scott Lobdell is a perfectly adequate introduction to Tim Drake and his mission to recruit other young superheroes, but it is clear that the writer is in no hurry for the team as a whole in the short term.

Teen Titans # 1 has only Red Robin, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl (along with a brief overview of Superboy), but the savings from the introduction of new characters for later problems may be a smart move by Lobdell.

Characterization writer Tim Drake as a confident and capable of 16 years of age in the nail. He comes off as two friendly and sarcastic, and provide a good anchor for the series forward.

Teen Titans
Teen Titans

Radical reinterpretation of Cassie as Wonder Girl Sandsmark is likely to be much more divisive. The character has been reinvented as a thief in search of excitement in the denial of his superpowers, and this may be a bit grating at times.

As a minor criticism apart, the theme of the cliffhanger last page is a bit spoiled for those who read Superboy # 1, and raises some concerns about the close relationship between the two titles will be linked.

Booth’s work clear and crisp, and the concerns of fans that suits the team should be revised sharply eased a bit as they are much more practical action in the panel.

In general, the Teen Titans # 1 shows the potential to become a series of great set, especially if you get the right Lobdell dynamic between the four main drivers. However, the writer must ensure that brings the equipment quickly in case of turning off readers before the title really takes off.

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