In recent years, this has been a trend in California: the numbers of seniors in the demographics is steadily increasing. It can be said that California is a rapidly aging state.  As the population of seniors rises, so does the demand for health programs and financial assistance for the elderly, in particular, the low-income seniors.

With more seniors in the population, the State needs to deal with higher healthcare costs. Currently, there are around 1.2 million Californians aging 65 and older who are enrolled in the Medi-Cal program. This state-subsidized healthcare program helps cover health care costs and home care services for eligible low-income seniors.  

Seniors who are 65 years and above are retired and many rely on a fixed income. Dealing with daily expenses, monthly bills, prescription drugs costs, health care, and home care services can really be tough, especially for low-income seniors. This can take a toll on families caring for their parents.

If you are taking care of an elderly parent, then you are spending time and energy that you would have otherwise spent working and earning money to support your family. Seniors, because of their age, they need being taken care of. Instead of you spending much of your time taking care of your parents, it would be great if you would focus on working so you can help your parents financially. Getting home care services in San Diego is a practical idea.

A home care company can help you take care of your parent. They can help with daily tasks, companionship, simple housekeeping, meal preparation, grocery shopping, and other senior needs. At Home Care can help seniors and their families in San Diego. You need to ensure that your senior parent is being taken care of a well-trained, trustworthy, and well-supervised caregiver.

Paying for home care services can be a problem among seniors. Wealthy Californians can get by as they can rely on their savings and long-term care insurance. The same is not true with middle class and poor seniors. They are the most vulnerable, especially because Medicare only covers short-term home care.

For low-income seniors who are eligible, they can get some financial relief through Medi-Cal. Such a program covers even long-term care. So if your senior parents are eligible, then you can get the financial assistance that you need to cover your parent’s home care needs. There is also the In-Home Supportive Services program which enables eligible seniors to stay in their homes and get the care that they need. They can even choose a family member to take care of them and the program will pay for it.

Considering the various needs of seniors, especially those who are already 65 years and above, it is important that you financially prepare for it.  Check out the available health programs and financial assistance offered in California and put much thought on which home care agency you are going to hire for your parents. Your elderly parents deserve all the attention and care that they need.