If you are presently running Home windows 7 and wish to upgrade to Home windows 8.1, the operation is relatively simple using Microsoft’s Upgrade Assistant utility. However, you will find a couple of things you should know before continuing with the upgrade. The primary factor to understand is the fact that, unlike improving Home windows 8 to eight.1, your files and knowledge will transfer, but you will need to re-install all your software programs. Here’s a glance at what you ought to know, and also the steps to consider to help make the process as simple and seamless as you possibly can.

On word: Backup. While your folders and files should include you throughout the upgrade, if something goes awry, you must have your pictures, documents, along with other important data supported. Either produce a local backup with an exterior drive, an off-site solution, or even better, use both options. Also, because you will need to re-install your desktop programs, make certain you’ve a listing of all the license secrets for bought software. Another step I suggest is verifying your Home windows 7 product is up-to-date. Even when you’ve automatic Home windows Updates enabled, run it by hand again just to be certain things are all set.

Microsoft enables you to definitely purchase, install Home windows 8.1 over the internet. For those who have a sluggish web connection or would rather upgrade the standard way, you can buy an actual copy too. In either case, the “fundamental” version will ended up costingDollar119, and $199 for that Professional version.

Download and run the Home windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant. It is a free utility from Microsoft which will scan your computer’s hardware, software, and add-ons (make certain they are blocked in) and let guess what happens is or is not suitable for the brand new OS. As your product is already running Home windows 7, there should not be any issues with it running Home windows 8.1. Usually if something is not compatible, you need to simply update an application driver or two.After discovering what’s compatible or needs your attention, just keep following a Upgrade Assistant’s on-screen instructions. It offers a superior the choice to buy the version you need to install. As the costs are looking for most customers, Microsoft is giving students a price reduction and enables these to get 8.1 Professional for $69.99.

You will be requested to set up your billing information, and then you will get an item key. Make certain to repeat it and it inside a safe location just in case you have to re-install Home windows 8.1 at another time. Throughout the Upgrade Assistant steps of installation, you will need to go into the product key.Then Home windows 8.1 is going to be downloaded. When it is finished you will see the next screen that enables you to definitely create physical media.

Continue following a install wizard after saying yes towards the tos, the procedure is equivalent to improving Home windows 8 to eight.1. Your pc will restart 2 or 3 occasions as the installation completes.Following the upgrade is finished, run Home windows Update again, as you will see a couple of updates for that new OS to set up.

Then install the desktop programs you’ll need. Actually, this is an excellent time for you to take inventory and then leave from the programs you won’t ever use any longer, for any cleaner system.Home windows 8.1 makes the expertise of moving from Home windows 7 less jarring compared to first iteration of Home windows 8. Home windows 8.1 includes the beginning button, and it has built-in configurations which help you retain Metro from your way.