The Newest Twilight Vampire Movie
The Newest Twilight Vampire Movie

The latest movie about vampiresTwilight” ruled the domestic box office for the third time with 16.9 million dollars in ticket sales over one movie go slowest weekends of the year, studio estimates released Sunday showed the.

“The Twilight saga: New Dawn: part 1 “of independent studio Summit Entertainment beat pack family films in American and Canadian theatre. The fourth and the second to last film in one of Hollywood’s most profitable franchises added 40,2 million dollars to an international location.

After three weekends in the theatres, “Breaking Dawn” wet 588.3 million dollars in global ticket sales.

“”Twilightmovies based on novels by Stephenie Meyer on the triangle love human vampire werewolf.

The Third the home win in the row for “Breaking Dawn” came during the post-Thanksgiving weekend, usually one of the toughest year in cinemas after big news a week earlier.

This year, a total of us and Canadian sales call to an estimated $ 82 million for the weekend, in the second slowest, according. Total sales only slightly sharp $ 81.5 million from 9. September weekend, which followed after labor day.

With no new movies national, sales also fell 4.8% below the weekend last year.After “Breaking Dawn,” the top five the rest of the weekend belonged to the family fare.

Disney’s “The Muppets” Jason Segel and Amy Adams, next to Kermit, Miss Piggy, and friends of the puppet, he rang 11,2 millions of dollars in North America (US and Canada). The Film represents a return to the Muppet characters, last seen in cinemas in 1999. Worldwide sales for the new movie have reached 68 million through Sunday

Hugo, “3D family film about a lonely boy who lives in the 1930s Paris train station, moved to third place from fifth place finish last weekend after the extension to other theatre. The Film drew 7.6 million dollars on the domestic market, bringing the total for two weekends $ 25.2 million.


The Newest Twilight Vampire Movie