Gnosis Arts Media Group has launched a service that allows you to receive SMS notifications when certain keywords are mentioned on Twitter. Social listening tool allows you to receive up to 3 warning messages per day to let you know when someone uses a keyword that you want to track a tweet.

You are limited to using three keywords, while beta testing is carried out and the limit of three texts a day for up to 3 keywords has been launched to reduce the charges for excess and ensure your phone is not ringing constantly every time someone tweets a popular keyword you’re tracking. Although the tool is free to use, standard messaging rates apply if you do not have a plan for unlimited texting.

SMS alerts are sent to your phone include a link to a Web page with the 20 most recent tweets that mention the keyword you’re tracking that will help you keep up with the conversation taking place around a keyword.

While this tool does not have much value for popular keywords and topics of trends because of its limitations (for example, which is probably very difficult to keep up with all the conversation that is taking place across the Occupying the protests, whether or not using this tool), could be a valuable and easy way for individuals and small business owners to know when people are talking about your company on Twitter so they can respond quickly to any problems while on the move .

The fact that the tool uses SMS alerts is interesting as it allows anyone with a mobile phone to use the service. This means you do not need a smartphone to keep up with the conversation around a certain keyword on Twitter. In fact, SMS is still a popular method of Twitter – an early version of the Twitter website, emphasized Twitter via SMS, as the company released an update last month that lets you send photos by post of text.