Texas-based businesses Development Strategies, Incorporation and Alamo Architects just lately completed the first stage of a Shipping Container based housing development in Encinal, TX. The project contains seven container-based homes and is targeted on energy-efficiency and cost. The container-based apartments appear pretty attractive, painted in orange and yellow and are enclosed by a prefabricated framework that provides stairs, patios, and extra rear sections.

A similar idea was executed in Huntsville, Texas last year. The 540-square-foot efficiency units of Cube Square Apartments were originally constructed with the students attending Sam Houston State University in mind. The current complex will be expanded to include three buildings; each four stories high and will use a total of 36 containers.

The Cube Square Apartment Facebook page lists rent at only $575 per unit, plus the cost of electricity. The complex boasts chic construction and a beautifully unique aesthetic.

The rooms of the check between 480 sq feet (44. 5 sq m) and 960 sq feet (89 sq m), and can be found in both one bedroom/one bathroom and two bedroom/two bathroom configurations. Rent costs US$800 per month to get the larger two room unit and $600 pertaining to the smaller one room units.

The firm studies that each apartment features high-density closed cell squirt foam insulation, double-glazed home windows, insulated doors, and high efficiency HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. In addition, another roof provides shade. The typical electricity invoice comes in around seventy dollars per month for a great occupied larger unit.