2012 best online degree
2012 best online degree

The National Center for education statistics estimates that 18.2 million students will be ascended in the on-line courses until 2013, which is up from 3.1 million online students a decade ago.

To meet the increasing demand, 89 percent of the four-year public colleges and universities now offers online class, while 60 percent of the four-year private schools offer them, according to “The digital revolution and higher education,” 2011 a study on the non-profit Pew Research Center. “

If you want to help with your decision, we looked at a number of studies, help us to identify the best online degrees to begin in 2012. While there are some old issues on our list, the other instance may surprise you in the field  when it comes to the selection of online degree earn in 2012, we’re all business.

After all, how to 257,400 people be wrong?

This is how many students study online trade in 2009, the most recent year for which figures are available, according to the “Hot and hot markets,” the report by the educational research in Boston, Adventuresses.   And it is a good reason for this level of popularity of.

Princeton Review Top 10 College Majors, “the report stated that the level of trade would” think about issues such as diversity, ethics, politics and other dynamics that play a role in any work environment. “

Potential career: according to the u.s. Department of work, a Bachelor’s degree in the field could help prepare you for a wide range of careers, including personal financial advisor (average income: $ 91,220), marketing specialists ($ 66,850) and Management Analyst ($ 87,260). *

allow you to attract employers, which could explain why the rate finished second overall in 2009, according to Eduventures.

Potential career paths: a Bachelor’s degree in it could help prepare you for a few computer career, including the Manager of the database ($ 75,730), computer support specialist ($ 49,930) and computer systems analyst ($ 81,250). *

skilled workers, health care, according to the report 2010 Georgetown Center for the education and work force.

I hope that rising demand is leading to an increase in students studying education. Between the online bachelor of education, training, finished fifth overall in the registration numbers, according to a study 2009 Eduventures ‘.

Potential career paths: a Bachelor’s degree in the field of education should help you prepare for the career teacher, together with the role as a pre-school ($ 50,410) and the administrator of education high school ($ 89,990). * and social media. Make money online communications degree could include the study of these same interactions, because online programmes may include cameras and streaming video, e-mail, and discussions on the basis of the Council of the assignment.

When the Eduventures looked at the entry of data for online Bachelor’s degree programs in 2009, communication ended up seventh overall.

The study of communication seems to be a popular choice for employers, according to results of NACE to 2011 job Outlook messages. “Each year, the NACE shall request the employer to assess the importance of some of the skills/characteristics in obtaining employment candidates,” says the report. “Each year, without fail, strong communication skills superior.”

2012 Best Online Degrees