In (SEO) search engine optimization, as well as in many things in life, our attention to detail, complexity, and the nuances of cloud our perspective. We run the risk of losing sight of the forest trees. A common way in which it manifests itself in this SEO performance is a keyword rank you lose consciousness. Therefore, we must examine our keywords relative to the performance, efficiency and attainability.

The performance is reflected in the simplest, easiest monitored way. Evaluation of the site for that keyword gone up or down to the search engine in the last month? If your rating is improved, then your site probably is doing well. If you are on page three, and now you are on page two, you’d do well. If It Was you are on page three, and now you are on page three of the above, did you with room for improvement. Inevitably, the evaluation of the Web site for certain keywords, which will remain flat or go down.

Efficiency is easy to understand, but difficult to follow. Closed-loop, integrated marketing and sales approach, usually to back up the CMS (content management system and client management system), it is necessary to carry out such assessments. The question is, how your rankings remain unchanged, but how many prospects are the result of changes in the evaluation. In addition, how strong it is, the conversion factor for the prospects of this Fund? Once we understand the finer aspects of inbound marketing, we have to obtain a greater appreciation for the value of our SEO rankings profits.

Attainability is very elusive aspect of SEO; effectiveness is increasingly appreciated and understood. Attainability, which is just as important is the ability to make effective the profits on the evaluation of your site for that keyword on the SEO team. Although the Web CEO, Google AdWords, HubSpot, and other services can inform you that the competition for that keyword is specific numeric value (or numeric approximation), the real competitiveness can vary dramatically. In addition, far-reaching consequences panda Google algorithm may play differently to other key words.

Finally, nothing beats the experience and observation in determining attainability of your keywords. If you choose the Fund 10 the keywords that are similar to the keyword effectiveness index and the three go down the road, four to go two stay small, flat, and one goes, they intelligently explore possible explanations and try again. Once you have these keywords for three to four months, however, you should be able to determine which keywords are ripe for the picking and which are simply immovable. It is important that this second keywords go.

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