Our living spaces should be spectacular, not merely functional. Modern technology and ever more advanced gadgets are transforming and improving the way we live, and what we do in our rooms, but it also makes sense to concentrate on the look and overall feel of the rooms themselves. When you have fashionable rooms, you’ll feel great about your home and you’ll enjoy inviting people over and showing it off. The key to a successful remodel of your rooms is to find something which matches your own personal tastes and style, so take a look at these three suggestions to see which is most suitable to you and your home.

1. Minimalist Decor

The act of de-cluttering has become incredibly fashionable, largely thanks to the work of the celebrated author and stylist Marie Kondo. Kondo extols the benefits of minimalism for a harmonious life. That means getting rid of all the books that you’ll never read, and all the extraneous décor and ornamentation which over time can take over our living spaces. If it doesn’t make you happy it should simply go, says Marie, and following her lead will completely change the appearance of your rooms. You’ll find that you have lots more space to live and work in, and you’ll also have a home that’s highly fashionable and sure to impress visitors.

2. Contemporary Furniture With A Classic Twist

Contemporary furniture is as beautiful as it is stylish, and there are few more aesthetically pleasing additions to any home than hand crafted furniture, whether it be tables, chairs or sofas. When you purchase handmade contemporary furniture, you’re giving your rooms a touch of luxury, especially if it’s made with the classic ingredients that have graced the best homes for centuries, such as leather and sustainable hardwoods. By using furniture stores Bangkok, you’ll be able to get the latest fashionable furniture at an affordable price, meaning you can showcase the very best European interior design wherever in the world you live.

3. Theme Your Rooms

The most stylish homes are those which have a color theme running throughout them. Clashes and contrasts may work to create excitement when it comes to clothing, but in a home, the effect can become tiring and counter-productive. Find a color that suits your temperament and which is gentle and soothing, and use that as a key feature of every room. Shades of white and cream are ideal for this purpose, especially when your furniture and furnishings are in a complementary shade. The effect of this is to create a house or apartment which is unified throughout, and this demonstrates that great care and attention has been paid to how it looks.

Lifting the interior of your home to a new level can be as easy as adding high-quality contemporary furniture and adopting a key color scheme which is represented in each room of the property. Follow Maria Kondo’s advice as well and keep clutter to a bare minimum. By doing this, you can change a good home into a great home, and impress everyone who visits.