Spending time in Bangkok, it’s much easier to get around when you have your own set of wheels. You can also visit places that are difficult to reach on your own when they’re not popular destinations.

Here are some fun activities in Bangkok and elsewhere for bike riders.

Hiring Right

When you want a rental bike Bangkok, then choose a good provider that offers a wide selection along with reliable insurance coverage. It’s easy to get overcharged and receive a low-quality motorbike with a host of problems. By going with a quality provider, these are worries that you don’t have any longer. Instead, you can rent a solid bike at a fair price and enjoy the freedom to roam the streets of Bangkok.

Roam the Streets of the Big Mango

With bumper to bumper traffic throughout much of Bangkok, the only traffic that’s moving is usually on two wheels. When you can afford to rent your own bike during your stay in the capital, you have the freedom of the city to roam the streets.

You’re no longer restricted to where tuk-tuks ply their trade or want to take you next on their itinerary. There’re also no worries about issues with a taxi not wanting to take you where you need to go. It’s your wheels for the duration of the rental – so, you decide!

Yaowarat (Chinatown) and Food Tours

Visiting Chinatown can be done during the daytime or in the evening. It’s buzzing at all times. Many people visit the Chinatown area and are confused as to where to eat and what to order. The food is a mix of classic Chinese dishes along with plenty of Chinese fusion that incorporates elements of Thai cooking and other regional cuisines too.

The best way to reach Chinatown isn’t by riverboat but to ride on down there. It’s most accessible this way and easier to get around as the road and side roads run quite a distance. Once there, if you’re unsure what restaurants and food stalls to try out, consider taking a food tour that covers the area. The tour will visit several places that you wouldn’t have thought to try and it will help you understand the menu to place an order.

Motorbike Ride to Ayutthaya

When it comes to impressive motorbike rides, the journey from Bangkok to Ayutthaya has to be one of the better ones. Ayutthaya is a protected UNESCO site due to its significance as the second capital city for Siam. The Wat Chaiwattanaram temple is particularly beautiful and significant in the Buddhist religion. You can also see the reclining Buddha at Wat Lokaya Sutha to cap off an excellent trip before heading back.

It’s only a 73-kilometer distance to reach Ayutthaya from Bangkok. The elevation is just a few meters, which doesn’t make it harder on the rider. It takes about three hours to ride out there.

Renting a bike makes a visit more enjoyable in Bangkok. You don’t get stuck in traffic anywhere near as much and you’re in complete control of your itinerary.