Nowadays add one more personal flight machine concept to record in the form of the Airvinci Fan Helicopter, a ducted fan VTOL airplane that is expected to start out its aeronautical life as a heavy-lifting drone sometimes later it was have a cockpit added for carrying human cargo.

The brainchild of inveterate tinkerer, and built on the dream of a secure, compact and affordable way to miss daily traffic jams, the Airvinci Fan Helicopter was created as a ducted fan, fixed-pitch brake rotor aircraft drone prototype. Really claimed to be in the latter stages of development for a trial flight some time in the approaching months, with a full-size “backpack helicopter” version slated for studies next year, all heading well.

It puts the pilot in a sitting down rather than standing position and is powered by two aircraft-specific engines and a single-rotor rather than a single engine and two rotors. According to Airvinci, the prototype machines for the drone put out around 28 hewlett packard (21 kW) each, and the total rotor size for the craft is about 7 ft (2. 1 m).

Airvinci’s suggested carrying capacity of around 265 lb (120 kg). And, each time a planned independent flight product is fully developed, the company also views a potential niche for skydivers, where the suggested 12, 500 ft (3, 800 m) altitude ability of the Airvinci will allow such users the ability to climb to a jumping altitude and have their craft come back autonomously to base.