Many car companies don’t task more than fifty years ahead when it comes to planning their series of vehicles but Rolls Royce 103 EX is not your common car maker. The luxurious Uk marque which this season perceives its 110th anniversary has projected a vision for the next century with the wild Rolls Royce 103 EX idea within its parent industry’s (BMW) Vision Next 90 program.

The result is a concoction of your car which boldly blends future aesthetic trends such as a gull-winged body featuring a greatly sculpted under body and encapsulated wheels. And let’s remember the legendary Spirit of Ecstasy icon which makes the Rolls Royce 103EX a fine balancing act between the extreme and the retro.

The design itself borrows from the Phantom Prolonged Wheelbase’s 5. 7-metre long and 1. 5-metre high dimensions before taking to a grinder to create the dramatic curves shown. Futuristic appointments of the car have been described as laser headlights and tail lights,

a swooping glass canopy which starts at the bonnet and extends to the back carbon boot and a lavish minimalist interior clean enough to eat evening meal off. That canopy is also designed to open up up as a traveler enters or alights from the vehicle. There’s even a virtual red carpet which lights up the path with red where the door meets the ground ahead.

Inside the car lashings of Macassar wood panelling plays nice with soft white LED lighting and a huge central OLED screen which sits nicely in entrance of a floating settee. Feet are seldom omitted too with the vacation cabin carpet being hand-woven deep-pile ivory wool.

Further spruiking the future design is the car’s fully autonomous procedure which does away with any trace of a steering wheel. Rolls-Royce think that by then, autonomous automobiles will be in full swing hence the omission of such essential components.

Driving the luxurious car is a purported system which is emission free and silent. “With the Rolls-Royce vision next 90 we were mindful to not dwell on the history. We wanted to be as impressive as possible as well as surpass the design history of the marque.