If you are the quintessence of the new era cooking, you may browse the recipes on the worldwide web. But of course, you have a bit of environmental awareness in you.

Belkin Chef Stand iPad Dock
Belkin Chef Stand iPad Dock

So do not print the recipes, preferring instead to read online. That generous portion of gizmo, the lust of the means it uses a smart iPhone and a desktop computer or laptop.

But no matter how tech-smart is you, you can not always avoid collateral damage in the kitchen. I imagine that some of his splashing sauce on the iPhone screen or inadvertently touching the IPAD hibernate greasy finger put back to life.

But do not worry because help is at hand in a Belkin dock Chef Base iPad. With this handy device, you can safely keep your iPhone on the kitchen counter. It has a nonskid base and hand washable.

It comes with a stylus that lets you easily navigate iPhone, so you can scroll up and down her recipe, or even search for alternative recipes without worrying about dirtying the iPad.

Belkin thoughtful designers even offers specially designed to keep your IPAD safely in the fridge or a cupboard. But these are extra, and are not part of the pier Chef Stand iPhone, which costs U.S. $ 39.99 (€ 25)


Belkin Chef Stand iPad Dock