It is a male hormone that is produced in the body naturally by the testes and adrenal glands; it is part of body’s endocrine system. It is produced majorly in men and in very small amounts in women by ovaries and adrenal glands. As a man grows older the amount of testosterone that is produced in the body goes on reducing, as a result there arises a need to supplement it.  The levels vary depending upon the age, body weight and also healthy lifestyle practices. It usually declines after an age of 50 in men. It has been a subject of so many studies and researches all over the world as it has a direct impact on the health status of a person.  Testosterone should be neither in excess nor in low amounts, it, has to be in balanced amounts as per individuals.

Different forms of supplements

There are many forms in which the supplements for low testosterone are available today, it could be in the form of pills, capsules, and also injections. Injections are the most expensive form that is available in the market today.

Injections are available in the already measured and fixed amounts in the vials. These days the injections are also available in the form of premeasured pens. These are given to those people who are highly sensitive and allergic.

There are various forms of testosterones that are available in the market, sometimes a patient may be prescribed two different types together and they have to mix them both and take it. The doctor will explain in detail the correct way of taking the injection.  

Side effects that are related to usage

Users must also be aware of the side effects that are related to the use of testosterone injections. The most common side effects are headaches, increased sense of anxiety and also pain at the place of injection. Few of the users may also develop nausea. Patients also complain of difficulty in urination and also painful urination. Prolonged usage can cause decrease in testicle size and production of semen.

Body’s ability to produce the testosterone hormone naturally can be significantly hampered with the prolonged usage of injections as it gets used to getting supplements from outside. And in some cases the testes may totally stop producing testosterone totally and the users will have to depend on the outside sources to meet the requirements in the body.

While using the injection it is very important to use them properly. Patients must learn how to inject the syringe properly so as to derive optimal benefits out of them. It is advised that a patient takes injection in the presence of a doctor initially so that the doctor can correct if anything goes wrong.  The procedure for injecting testosterone is same as HGH injections.

The doctor will frequently test the amounts of calcium levels and liver condition time to time after a user starts using these, to make sure that it is having no adverse effects on them. It is recommended that frequent consultation and tests are performed while using these so as to avoid side effects.