When steroids were first introduced to world in the 1930s, they were for medical complications and for the cure of many vital ailments causing suffering to many. But along the way, a discovery of sorts it made a huge difference to sporting field and professional bodybuilders. Steroids were used to enhance performance and gain edge over competitors. One country over the other, it became such that sportsmen started abusing steroids and the sports authorities had to ban steroids on doping charges. Countries all over the world have imposed one or the other king of restrictions of possessing, buying and selling of steroids.

Though consumption may not be so! Hence illegally it’s bought and sold by many. But now a new way of procuring steroids as body supplements has gotten easier with online pharmacies. Since a new fad of getting toned bodies like cine stars, pop and rock stars and sportsman alike have influenced the general public to go for shapely figures and burning the fat as they now like to it.

Due to increased testing, these supplements promise minimum side effects with very good results on your body contouring. There various kinds available and they can be take in various combinations termed as stacks as per your body requirement. The youth of today are so into the world of supplements, which every other gym boasts of producing the next ripped muscular star out of their factory. Men and women both are drawn to this trend and both are the consumer of these supplements to achieve the ‘it’ body.

Use of steroids by sportsman

These were used by sportsman to have an edge over their rivals, since steroids gave them more endurance, faster repair after injury and increased metabolism hence they would have more muscular body and less fat content in their bodies, hence giving them more endurance in playing the sport. But the sports bodies felt that they had an undue advantage and it was not fair means of competition and have various steroids used by athletes and leveled doping charges against them.

Elite performers on the world level, with best of facilities and training and rehabilitation along with the supplements seem to be on the top of the world. But poorer nations and with lesser facilities cannot compete with the ones who have all amenities as well as taking supplements. This game is unfair and sports have been won by fair means as the other person too would have put in longer efforts under unconventional circumstances to participate.

There is an ugly side too of the home country authorities who want their athletes to excel in the international events anyhow and force their athletes to consume steroid above permissible limits so could get laurels for the nation and medals in their hands. These coercive activities ruin the home truth about sport and the meaning of achievement by fair play.

The sports bodies follow a stringent way to detecting doping in sports by conducting random sample check of urine and blood. But many of the steroids which are getting more advanced can go undetected for a long time and become untraceable.