Streak-free windows are a challenge that requires a lot of sacrifices. You could spend hours cleaning that one smudge that keeps itching your OCD. The spring-cleaning season is the best time to take out your closet and start cleaning. In this article, Handy lists some of the best items that can help you achieve a streak-free window.

  1. Microfiber Glass Cloth – The unique aspect of microfiber cloth is its honeycomb structure. They are efficient at cleaning off spots, smudges, dirt, and even water from the surface of glass without leaving any sort of scratches. Unlike paper towels, microfiber cloths do not leave any lint, providing a smooth cleaning experience without much hassle. They can be used with water, or your favorite brand of cleaning fluid.
  1. Speed Clear Glass Wipes – Although glass wipes are meant for one-time use, they are quite efficient at what they do. You don’t need any cleaning fluid or water at all. These are pre-moistened just like regular wipes and can be used to make quick work of fingerprints and smudges on coffee tables, glass doors, and windows. No more frantic searches for your cleaning kit whenever someone is coming over. Swipe those smudges away with glass wipes.
  1. Invisible Glass Cleaner – The Invisible Glass Cleaner sprays a fine mist of fluid that is almost invisible to the naked eye. However, the liquid remains on the surface until wiped off with a piece of cloth. The spray mechanism ensures you get tiny droplets of fluid, providing the least messy experience when it comes to cleaning windows. They are a little bit more expensive than most brands, but the extra dollar is a relatively small price to pay, especially when discussing streak-free windows.
  1. Hope’s Perfect Glass – There are two unique things about Hope’s Perfect Glass cleaner. It evaporates faster than any other cleaning fluid, and it has no ammonia. Faster evaporation requires less bluffing but provides streak-free glasses every time. Also, since it has no ammonia, it is safe to be used on car windows as well.
  1. Windex Outdoor Cleaning Tool – The Windex Outdoor Cleaning tool is the ultimate weapon to battle against streak-free windows. The box comes with a four-foot long pole. It also comes with an attachable cleaning pad that provides a total reach of 10 to 11 feet. It can reach all those hard to reach places. All you have to do is to spray the glass with water mixed with your choice of cleaning fluid and rinse it with the cleaning pad.


As a final tip, Handy shares a little recipe for those unfortunate souls who are stuck inside their homes due to the Covid-19 pandemic and are in need of desperate window wash. Take 2 cups of water, half a cup of vinegar or white cedar and one-fourth cup of rubbing alcohol at 70% concentration. Pour the mixture on a spray bottle, and you have yourself a homemade remedy for streak-free windows.